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For you that interested to build your own Gimphoto version, you can download Gimphoto source code and follow the detailed instructions for build it.

This page will be always updated to refine the build instructions.

Gimphoto is GIMP modification that only modify menu structure and disable icon on menu for faster menu rendering, so Gimphoto modification only on user interaction aspect and no modification toward functions then Gimphoto is 100% GIMP compatible.

All scripts and plugins source modification ONLY for adjusting it with Gimphoto new menu structure and NO functions is altered.

Gimphoto package is not as simple as compiling modified GIMP, that only a half step that should be done before we added more scripts, more plugins, new brushset, new gradientset, and many more additional steps for creating installer.

For now i only give instructions for compiling Gimphoto, because i need more time to upload 20+ modified scripts and plugins with detailed info for compile it and also with install instructions.

1. Download Gimphoto 1.4.3 source code from this link (tested under Windows and Linux)
Gimphoto 1.4.3 Source Code
for user that need MD5:
Gimphoto 1.4.3 Source Code - MD5

2. Prepare all files that needed for development environment just like if you will compile GIMP 2.4 under Windows or Linux. For Linux user the best distro to build Gimphoto is Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.

for LINUX user, follow this link:

for WINDOWS user, follow this link:

3. Extract Gimphoto source file to folder and go to that folder.

4. Compile Gimphoto with command:

for LINUX user:
# ./configure --disable-debug --disable-python --prefix=/usr/share/gimphoto
# make
# sudo make install

for WINDOWS user:
# ./configure --disable-debug --disable-print --disable-python
# make
# sudo make install

5. If you done compilation successfully then Gimphoto is half ready.

for LINUX user:
- Run Nautilus
- Find file: /usr/share/gimphoto/gimp-2.3 => RENAME it to => gimphoto
- Run gimphoto with double-click it.

for WINDOWS user:
- Run Explorer
- Find file: C:\Msys\1.0\local\bin\gimp-2.3.exe >RENAME> gimphoto.exe
- Run gimphoto.exe with double-click it.

6. Gimphoto will be running, but there is many missing menu items that because we need more steps to preparing the script, plugins, brushset and gradientset to be included with Gimphoto.

7. So stay tune with this page for more update on preparing additional resources for Gimphoto and creating package installer for Gimphoto.


  1. Hello,

    Do I understand right that the source code that you post here does not include some of the features of the binary compiled versions?

  2. s_i_m,
    yes, Gimphoto contain more than 20 plugins, scripts, new brushset and gradient set that not included on original GIMP.

    so you only need to get it from Gimphoto installer package and copy it to your compiled source then you get the complete Gimphoto.

  3. from what I can understand it seems you are not using any version control. If you are please let us know, I'm sure many people would like to watch what you are doing.

    Also I could not help but notice that the way the UI of the website is, it resembles similarly to trac. http://trac.edgewall.org/roadmap . If you have edge and some source control then there is possibility of people putting up patches and all as well.

    Looking forward to know what you think.

  4. shirishag75,
    yes you right, i don't use any version control :)
    because right now only me that working on Gimphoto and many steps for making Gimphoto installer is done at binary level not at source code level (such as adding plugins, scripts, brushset, gradientset, etc)

    and right know i working on 3 different source code, GIMP 2.4, GIMP 2.6 and GIMP 2.7 that means i need 3 different version control and that will need a lot of time to maintain.

    Thanks for your suggestions, i will considering it and will try to setup version control in the future :)

  5. Would the source code of GimPhoto 1.4.3 by chance work still if I used GIMP 2.7 or later in compiling?

  6. Ais,
    Gimphoto 1.4.3 is based on GIMP 2.4 that have different source code base than GIMP 2.7, so it wouldn't compile.

  7. i need a way to contact them to cancel my subscription, any idea of a email or phone to them?


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