Gimphoto 26.1 for OSX released - Wakatobi

After 1,5 year in the making, today Gimphoto 26.1 for OSX is released.
Code name for Gimphoto 26.1 is Wakatobi.
Gimphoto for OSX is only for Intel Mac and tested using Snow Leopard 32 bit and 64 bit.
This Gimphoto version is based on GIMP 2.6.8 for OSX from so it will need X11.

Modification is done at binary level and not compiled from source because i still failed after many attempts to create Gimphoto packages either using gtkosx native or using macports, but for next version i will try to compile it from source, develop the dmg package by myself and i also try to create Gimphoto Native without X11.

Usually i hosted file at Googlecode but Googlecode not support upload via FTP then i decided to use because SF support FTP upload that will help me to upload 70Mb using my slow Internet connection.

Enjoy the release and download it from:


Anonymous,  16/9/11 2:29 AM  


Why is OSX not on the downloads page next to Windows, Linux and Portable?

Anonymous,  16/9/11 2:30 AM  

Just wondering.

Thank you for this release

ashads,  16/9/11 6:00 AM  


First of all: Thank you so much.

I just downloaded and installed it but when I opened it, it looked like the same old GIMP. Am I doing something wrong?

zenith 16/9/11 2:40 PM  

do you check the menu specially "Photo" menu? do you check the shortcuts? do you check the brushset and gradient set? do you check the plugins and filters? :)

Usemeplz 1/5/12 11:00 PM  

Indeed, the appearance is sometimes misleading) I also thought at first that this is an older version, then in the process of seen all the changes and additions.

K-Qha 3/5/12 4:42 PM  

"The application Gimphoto quit unexpectedly", when i run it in OSX Leopard. Any idea what's going on?

I have X11 installed on my system. GiMP 2.6.11 runs just fine...

zenith 4/5/12 11:12 PM  

yes, many improvements and additions have been made from regular GIMP 2.6 to become Gimphoto 26.1 :)

Gimphoto for OSX tested using OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and also reported run OK under Lion but for OSX Leopard i don't know, sorry.

Anonymous,  11/10/12 1:14 AM  

This is my favorite version of gimp. Thanks for making such an awesome program! However I use Windows & am wondering if the Windows version will also be updated. Looking forward to the next version. Thanks again!

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