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  1. Great idea!!!

    Well, I would love to use Gimphoto, but I don't have Windows :(

    A suggestion - please, make an RSS feed for your site/blog, or make an announcement list, so interested people like me can know of news about Gimphoto.

    Another suggestion - submit your code to Ubuntu repositories! Once this tool is easily available for download, lots of people will start using it.

    1. Suggest ~ Gimphoto - Photoshop Alternative Photo Editor >>>>> Download Now

      >>>>> Download Full

      Suggest ~ Gimphoto - Photoshop Alternative Photo Editor >>>>> Download LINK

      >>>>> Download Now

      Suggest ~ Gimphoto - Photoshop Alternative Photo Editor >>>>> Download Full

      >>>>> Download LINK 2Z

  2. I like Gimphoto.

    my suggest:

    ad this scripts:
    - http://users.telenet.be/ev1/gimpphotoeffects_en.html
    - http://registry.gimp.org/plugin?id=3892 al screens in one window! Version 3.0 dindn't work with GIMP 2.4, version 2.1 work very good!

  3. Also add a plugin/script for make panorama's:




    And this plugins/scripts are also very useful:
    - http://www.logarithmic.net/pfh/resynthesizer
    - http://turtle.as.arizona.edu/jdsmith/exposure_blend.php
    - http://www.greyc.ensicaen.fr/~dtschump/greycstoration/index.html
    - http://users.telenet.be/ev1/gimpphotoeffects_en.html

  4. Selamat datang,

    In order to comply with the licensing terms under which the GIMP is distributed, you will likely need to exclude the PSPI plug-in[1]. The PSPI binaries require some files from the Photoshop Software Developers Kit (SDK) which Adobe does not permit to be re-distributed. This means that the PSPI binary is not compatible with the GNU Public License[2]

    There is an exemption/clarification of the GPL included with the GIMP source code[3] which permits the PSPI plug-in to be provided as a separate package, but it can not be bundled with GIMP or derivatives of GIMP since the full source can not be made available[4].

    [1] http://www.gimp.org/~tml/gimp/win32/pspi.html
    [2] http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.html
    [3] http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/gimp/trunk/LICENSE?view=markup
    [4] http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0-faq.html#GPLIncompatibleAlone

  5. sorry, for now Gimphoto only available under Windows. i plan to create Linux version but Linux is new platform for me, so it takes time to learn howto create package installer under Linux.

    deweirdefied plugin not work so well using my computer, so i will not include it with Gimphoto until it's updated to Gimp 2.4.

    gimphotoeffects, pandora, resynthesizer, exposure blend will be included with next version.

    for panotools i need more examples of plugins usage and link to win32 binaries for Gimp 2.4.

    for greycstoration, it's great plugin but it require imagemagick library that very big in size, so it's not included because will make GimPhoto 25Mb package bigger.

    for pspi license, Mr. Tor Lillqvist the pspi creator already re-release pspi under MIT license so i can included with next version of GimPhoto, thanks Mr. Tor Lillqvist :)

  6. A portable version or guide.... that and you may consider using a torrent to allow people to download all in one piece without concern for your bandwidth (I know I'd seed the torrent)

  7. This is a friendly note from a GIMP developer that you are violating the GPL if you distribute a binary package without making the source code available. If you are in fact making it available, I suggest you add a clearer explanation to your site, because I couldn't find it. If you feel that you are actually in compliance with the GPL, it would be helpful to add a note on your "About" or your "Downloads" page explaining your reasoning. (I haven't downloaded the package to see what it contains.)

    Thanks, and best wishes.

  8. Nice. I would request/suggest that you restore or make optional the right click menus as some of the items are high use and save a lot of time and clicks.In particular the undo/Redo of the Edit menu and the Filters menu which require frequent access while getting the effect one desires or testing filters for effect. These right click menus are one of the features that make Gimp more flexible and more user friendly than Photoshop and are a big part of why I prefer Gimp over Photoshop. I can test ten filters or settings with ten clicks without having to constantly open the filter menu and search for the filter I want.

    A second suggestion would be to add the Guash plugin especially if you can port it to Gimp 2.4. Guash still needs some work to improve it's functionality but for viewing thumbs(even small ones) of a whole folder within Gimp is sometimes very useful.

    I tried Gimphoto on another computer with a Windows theme program and Gimphoto would not accept the theme (Gimp 2.4.2 accepts it ok). Is this due to to the Clearlooks GTK Engine or the T-ish theme?

  9. I'm writing here what I send long time ago to GIMP developer mailing list.

    I'm an amateur photographer, and I'm using GIMP (now GIMPhoto!) to retouch my photos. I wrote some articles in Italian on the argument, and I'm here to suggest some hints for this beautiful program.


    - It's an invaluable tool for photo retouching, for valuating contrast, brightness, clipping (even channel by channel), posterization.

    - Should be upgraded in real time, when doing levels, curves, ... (corrected in GIMP 2.4.2), better if during correction the original histogram is grayed in the background, and the histogram of the current correction is black in the front.

    - Like other photo retouching programs (take a look to UFRaw), there could some checkboxes to enable clipping areas blinking. This is very useful to see clipping, even better if could be updated in real time during correction (as the entire histogram).

    - Linked to the previuos hint, on the histogram window there could be shown the percentage of clipping towards the white e the black (see UFRaw).


    - When you pass the mouse over the current image, show in the histogram on the levels window the luminosity position, something like a small circle running thru the horizontal line.


    - Please, a more dense curve. Better if user can select 4 or 8 lines.

    - Please, draw in the background the baseline (45°). It's a very useful reference, more visible than looking to the vertex of the grid.

    If you want to see some GIMP and Photoshop histogram, levels and curves images, take a look to my articles (they are in italian, but the important thing are the images):

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  10. Hi, nice work

    my suggest: add more languages if you can. like french, spanish, italian...



  11. Hi,

    Gimphoto Desktop is nice!
    But on my pc the memory and cpu usager are very big! And mij pc make a lot of noise. Can you improve this.

    And can you also include the script from this project: http://gimpfx-foundry.sourceforge.net/
    More than 100 scripts working on GIMP 2.4.

  12. how dose someone get in touch with you?

  13. leendert,
    thanks for your information about GimPhoto Desktop bug, it will fixed on the next release, so stay tune :)

    for additional script, i prefer just include most useful script, because additional scripts mean bigger download size and longer startup time.

    you can email me at ekkians(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. What do you think about a German translation? This is the only thing why i wanna use Gimp at this time...please give me german menus :)


  15. Gimp has had some issues with tablets. Please see here:


    For version 2.4.5 or later this can however be fixed quite easily. My suggestions is to update GimPhoto to be based on Gimp 2.4.5 or later, so that I can use my tablet without any problems.

  16. anonymous,
    for next version GimPhoto will be using GIMP 2.4.5 but for now i still busy making GimPhoto for Linux, after that then i will create new version of GimPhoto based on 2.4.5.

  17. Please add the following very good plugin:


    And bump gimp-photo to the new 2.4.6 or even 2.5.1 build of gimp. If you don't want support-questions, make it a "development release" for others to toy around with.

  18. I like gimphoto, but can you add a language pack for installation?


  19. GimPhoto is great ... but where can I download a help system and how can I install it? I've downloaded the GIMP help but it wants me to install GIMP - not just GimPhoto- before I install the Help.


  20. palyndrok,
    i'm sorry but i only use gimp with english so i not familiar with gimp language pack system and also don't know how to make language pack.

    GIMP help system must be modified before can be use with GimPhoto but for now because my limited internet connection then i can't working on GIMP help system, sorry.

  21. I like it very much.

    My suggest is: Add GimPad into GimPhoto and make from both these applications one solid and great graphic editor.

  22. Hi, more brushes and canavas rotation please !
    Very useful tool !

    Many thanks

  23. Is there any plans Mac version GIMPhoto?

  24. Hello,

    I'am french. it is possible used gimphoto with french interface ? Thank you. This soft is very excellent.

  25. Anonymous,
    sorry but i don't have Mac :(
    maybe somebody can compile GimPhoto source code under Mac.

    i only use GIMP with english interface then i don't know how to make it using different language, sorry. Thank you for your positive feedback :)

  26. It's so great.
    But it doesn't seem to support i18n.
    please let me use with my own language.

  27. you can adjust the size of the tool-box. no need to resize after excuting gimp.

    1. open your sessionrc
    2. find this
    (session-info "toolbox" "dock"
    (position 48 48)
    (size 192 720)
    3. edit it as you like
    (size 192 720)
    4. but in some environment, the min value of width is 119 pixel.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. see also http://gimp.kr/wiki/doku.php/gimp:photoshop_skin

  30. Mr.Dust,
    sorry but i only using GIMP English version, i never use other language so i don't know how to create language pack for GIMP.

    thanks for the info but you can enable save window at exit from preferences, i think it is more simple step.

    thanks for the link but i don't understand korean language :)

  31. BackDoor.Generic10.KJH is found in the current release of GimPhoto while using the latest AVG AntiVirus Free (program version: 8.0.169; virus database version: 270.7.3/1691). Could you possibly contact with the AVG Developers and make some explanations? Thx in advance ;-)

  32. Anonymous,
    you download the GimPhoto from where? i'm sorry but i only supply GimPhoto to Google Code as 6 separated file, so if you download from other site then maybe you can ask site admin about the virus.

    i'm using Avast and GimPhoto installer at Google Code is free from virus.

  33. Ubuntu binaries/repository ftw.

  34. gimp is now 2.6 so update gimpphoto

  35. Installing it as soon as Gimp 2.6 gets integrated! Also ready to convert workmates!

  36. I am a magazine publisher using photoshop intensively, in CMYK environment. Your contribution is great. Thanks.

    However at glance I found 2 weakness:
    First, I cannot import a pdf file (as original GIMP 2.6 does).
    Secondly, when I create image files, i.e. PDF or JPG, the CMYK composition is changed from its original. I've set the same color profile for all environtment, i.e.: US Web Uncoated V.2 (CMYK).

  37. Albertus W. Ng,
    Thanks for your positive feedback :)

    For the 2 weaknesses:
    1. for importing PDF file, try follow instruction from this site:
    - http://www.papermakeit.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=54&func=view&id=12&catid=18
    - http://www.kirchgessner.net/gimp.html#PSGS

    Yes, the interface is less intuitive than the GIMP 2.6 new PDF import plugin.

    2. for problem with color profile, please check again if you already do the right step to do it but if you believe that you already do the right step but still have a problem then maybe you better ask to GIMP developer or Separate+ GIMP plugin developer at: http://cue.yellowmagic.info/softwares/separate.html

  38. Hello zenith,

    as other mentioned do you plan to upgrade Gimphoto according to recent GIMP 2.6 release. I prefer using Gimphoto for my 3d textures so I am still stick to your last release. At the same time 2.6 has some new improvements that I miss.

    Thank you for your replay concerning this topic.


  39. I'm just starting to use GimPhoto, looks very promising. One thing that i'd suggest is make the menu dialogs (when opened) to be in front of the toolbox. Right now, when you open a menu, the toolbox keeps in front of it and obstaculizes.


  40. Thanks Zenith, for my computer it is working OK except for the exif and tags in Tif - but I understand that lots of people are having that problem. You have obviously put a lot of work into it.

    I have a question on the opening faceplate. The go green part. How does that affect photography, and how do you want people to use the software to go green?

  41. Alvaro Medina,
    other user already explain about menu on the back of toolbox then it difficult for select menu item, i will try to fix it in the next release of GimPad.

    glad to hear that it works on your computer :) yes it still not supporting for exif using tif, tif can save exif data since v6.0, but i think tiff save module for GIMP still not updated to the newer tiff version.

    photography usually shots the beauty of nature or the beauty of people, if the nature ruin and the people suffer, then the beauty will gone and that means photography will missing some of the most interesting objects to be shot.

    if you struggle with your editing software to edit your photo then you need longer time to finish you works then that means your computer also releases more heat to the atmosphere and thats means you also contribute to global warming. So faster and easier to use software will reduce the energy usage and releases fewer heat to the atmosphere.

    everything is connected but some connections is not obviously visible :)

  42. Zenith, Glad to hear your response. Some thing that be eliminating photography altogether the environment will be better. No paper usage, no chemicals, none of the other things that go with the photography industry that can, if misused, harm the environment. Good to hear that you are not just one of those "shut it down" people.

  43. DNG support would be ideal...

  44. I love GIMPhoto, but I think it's time to move on to 2.6.2 or 2.6.3 (when it will be released) code base ;)
    Is it gonna happen?

  45. Anonymous,
    please check this link for more information about it: http://www.gimphoto.com/2008/10/gimphoto-roadmap-after-gimp-260-release.html

  46. Should there be sound with the video?....I'm getting none. My computer is fully operational with sound on all Utube videos.

  47. Michael,
    sorry, my video has no sound.

    i only record my computer desktop just to show GimPad ability to integrate separated GimPhoto windows :)

  48. GimPhoto/GimPad looks great! Congratulations on building such a great program based on Gimp :)

    A suggestion is that bugs may be reported through a better organized on-line application, like BUGS (http://www.thebuggenie.com/), also used at http://www.pixelcommunity.com/bugs/

    You can register at Pixel's bug reporting site and see how it looks like. Pixel is also a great candidate for Photoshop's alternative :)

  49. Velja,
    thank's for very positive feedback! :)

    i agreed with your suggestions for better bugs reporting system, for now it's very limited.
    i prefer simple, easy to operate by one user, and the most important...it can embedded on Blogger.com site because this site is based on Blogger.com

    i already following Pixel for long time before i create GimPhoto, but afaik Pixel kinda unstable, already on beta status for long time and afaik is written using Delphi that slower than C/C++, also it's paid software.

  50. I recently installed 2.6.3 and am a new user. Everything works great except that the help files are missing. Are help files available? I looked at comments on installation and didn't see any about the help system.

  51. Anonymous,
    if you install GIMP then you on the wrong site because this is GimPhoto site and GimPhoto latest version is 1.4.3 NOT 2.6.3.

    for GimPhoto or GIMP 2.4 help files, you can download it from:

    it's not included because very large size, around (65Mb)

  52. can you guys make a mac version? Would be Legendary

  53. dsw,
    actually i really want to make GimPhoto for Mac, but i don't have Mac. i will try to saving more to buy a mini Mac, just wish me luck ;)

  54. Second the mac version. Shouldn't be too hard, as OS X is Unix based. Anyone here know how to use Fink?

  55. Hi, I have re-pack Gimphoto with latest stable GTK-win (start from GTK 2.14.6), and it fix the "always on top" problem so it safe now to use "as utility toolbox" option.

    it would be great if you re-pack it.

  56. Anonymous,
    thank's for your info about GTK-win fix for use dialog "as utility toolbox", i will try it :)

  57. As Wladston said it would be an RSS fed 'coz i'm checckin' every day the site for any kinf od update!

    Hardly waitin' any kind of update!!!

    Regards, degentd

  58. Could I suggest a AMD64 binary for those uneasy to compile the source themselves?

  59. Looking for a mac-intel pre-compiled, or some information on how to compile this for mac-intel. Thanks!

  60. Anonymous,
    i'm sorry but i don't have AMD64 to build and testing it.

    i'm sorry but for now i don't have mac intel and also never used mac before then i don't know howto compile gimphoto source under mac.

    but in the future i hope i can provide mac installer for gimphoto, jush wish me luck! ;)

  61. Great Job, and nice program - I am using PS on Ubunty 9.04 and installed gimpshop - first impressions are very good!!

    a few sugestions - can the shortcuts be made automaticaly? manual config is tricky & disconcerting for beginners

    also can we configure the tool pallette to be similar to PS? I am getting too old and like things the same if possible!!

    I am looking forward to gimp pad on linux, this would be a great step!

    I think that you are helping many more people come to linux - good job.

    Perhaps the gimp crew will realize this and add your skins/apps as a compatibility option?

  62. No more Gimphoto based on 2.6 ?.....

  63. Jeremy,
    thanks for your kind words :)

    sorry for manual config for program menu or shortcut at desktop that because i still learn how to create proper deb package for Ubuntu.

    sorry but i prefer not to change the tool palette.

    for more information, please follow this link:
    and then this link:

  64. Need instructions for installing Gimphoto on a 64bit Ubuntu System. This should not be a problem since Ubuntu can work with 32bit Software Packages. The geenric installation instructions aren't good enough for that though, since the standard Ubuntu .deb package installer returns an error ... as a result of not having this built in:

    sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i

    Instructions are needed, to be able to install Gimphoto on a 64bit System for users with little Terminal skills.

  65. Make them one thing that uses gimp program filles kind of like an addon so you dont have to include a whole virsion of gimp in it. Also have the new enhancements avalible in the prefs window.

  66. Anonymous,
    sorry because i don't have 64bit system then i can't create package for it.

    sorry but i little bit confuse with your suggestions, may be you can explain it more clearly, thanks :)

  67. I think Anonymous from July 8th is suggesting that instead of using an existing gimp version from which files need to be removed or renamed, why not just make your own COMPLETE GimPhoto version since Gimp is open source anyway? Complete meaning that a person can leave Gimp on their system as is, without changing anything. Then, after installing GimPhoto, a whole new programm is created ... and if possible with the ability to add/remove GimPhoto via the built in Package Refresh option in ubuntu?

    In this day and age of hard disks that are anywhere from 250 to 750 GB in size by default, there's no reason to save 50+ MB of space by consolidating the files between Gimp and GimPhoto.

    The first part of this message shouldn't be too difficult to implement since only the working (exe files in windows) files would have to be renamed to something else in the new programm. Then th new programm would completely ignore any existing Gimp files on the system. At least I think that it would work that way ...

    I see incredible potential for your GimPhoto software. It would be so great if you could make it work independently of gip and on 64bit systems. Then I could promote it on our website to help you get business for it. I would do this completely free of charge with a page write-up, ubuntu installation instructions, and the download. We receive over 100.000 page hits per month and our ubuntu section should be finished by the end of the month.

  68. Siegfried,
    GimPhoto still conflict with GIMP because they using the same user preferences folder with GIMP 2.4, but if we use GIMP 2.6 then there is no problems.

    I still working to be able to separate GimPhoto user preferences folder from GIMP folder but
    GIMP source code is huge and also a very complex system, for doing modification we must have good understanding about the source code. Until now i still doing trial and error to understand which code that i must modify and that process takes much time.

    for a software become available at Ubuntu Package Manager, afaik that software must be approved to be included at Ubuntu software repositories.

    i have a BIG vision for GimPhoto in the future but for now, i only can do my best with my limited skill and resources that i have.

    i very grateful with any help for supporting GimPhoto, thank you very much! :)

  69. Hi zenith,

    Can you make source code available so user like us can install by themselves or help to compile x64 version and give it back to you?

    Do you have Paypal Donation account or Google Donation check out to put on your site ? So users around the world can contribute money if they can to your project.


  70. I'm new to Ubuntu myself but decided to switch to it after 18 years with windows because I truly believe that Ubuntu is going to cause many many people Worldwide to switch from BIG MONEY Windows to COMPLETELY FREE Ubuntu instead. After 18 years with Windows, using an average of 11 professional software applications on my system almost daily, I was able to replace 7 of these items just by installing Ubuntu 9.04 on my computer. I was able to port 2 others with Wine until I find better replacements, and now only 2 Programms remain, both of them graphic software applications. Heck, I was even able to install IE6 for site testing purposes.

    I believe Ubuntu is the future and I believe far more people with graphic skills (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Paint Shop Pro) would switch to Linux more readily if they had a graphic application that provided a single GUI without a bunch of Windows that have to be moved around constantly. That's why I won't use the Gimp, because moving those Windows around on my screen really gets on my nerves big time. I need *ALL* of my screen to do my work, especially when working on numerous images at the same time, and I need for my tools, all of them, to fit neatly along the right or left or top edges of the main programm window.

    We know that GimPhoto works in 32bit and we know that 64bit Ubuntu is supposed to be able to have it working also. Perhaps the conflict arises because the Gimp which is included in Ubuntu 9.04 also happens to be 64bit ... thereby automatically causing some type of conflict when 32bit GimPhoto tries to make use of some of the Gimp resources? Does anyone know if this could be true?

    On the other hand, if the Gimp is only 32bit, even on the 64bit Ubuntu, then there has to be some way to make GimPhoto work. Some way that should be fairly simple to figure out ... for someone with considerable more Linux/Ubuntu knowledge.

  71. you see my post above, we need source code of gimphoto to compile it for x64.

    I wonder why Gimphoto is GPL but without source code available ??? !!!

    I can't find it in download section ???

  72. ntt2k,
    thanks for your suggestion about donation, i will try to setup it :)

    actually there is GimPhoto source code that can be compiled by yourself, there is links to the sources at Downloads section that goes to:

    but compiling from GimPhoto source not automatically produce GimPhoto complete packages, many additional plugins (around 20) must added manually beside many custom brusheset and gradientset that also added manually.

    in the next week i will try to setup Developer Pages with more detailed and complete instruction to build GimPhoto package.

    i agreed with your thought, i've been using Linux since RedHat 4.2, i've tried many Linux distro, i think the Linux distro with right direction is Ubuntu Linux (but for more easier setup maybe you can try Linux Mint that also based on Ubuntu)

    but Linux is lack of multimedia and graphics software with professional quality, i hope this will change in the future :)

  73. Hello Ek kian, Fine job with Gimpphoto. I would like if it is possible to install GIMPPHOTO and GIMP 26 without any problems ie register and so?

    Thank you


  74. hey,

    nice work. the only problem for me is the missing 64bit version, but still: it runs smoother than gimp 2.6.6

  75. Hello Ek kian,

    I sent you an email from my email trung [dot] nt2k at gmail [dot] com. Please take a look because it's too much to post here.

  76. Hi again. I went ahead and posted the installation instructions for GimPhoto in a 64bit Ubuntu 9.04 environment within the "bugs" section. I wish you best of luck, but somehow I suspect that this programm doesn't have much of a future either. No, I'm not trying to be a jerk. It's just that I work with images professionally, sometimes as often as 7 days per week, and all of the good Image Editor flavors that I've been able to find online for Linux ... had so much in common with the Gimp that I'm beginning to wonder what the point is? Nothing that anyone else has ever done is actually *BETTER* than the Gimp, so why bother?

    KRITA is the one open source app. that does appear to be very promising, even though each new image opens in a new app. window. At least all of the functions are contained therein though. KRITA is still far too basic to be considered as a professional application.

    What really needs to happen, is for someone to come along, take a long hard look at what's needed in the industry, followed by creating an application from scratch ... an application that does *NOT* resemble the existing Gimp 90% or more. An application that is seriously being developed, and not just a few hours during the Weekends and things like that. I think that's the main problem with all of those other apps, that they're being ported and manipulated from something that already exists. Think about this for a moment ... !!!

    There is no top quality commercial image editing application (other than Gimp) with a desktop gui that I could find for linux. Considering the fact that linux is becoming ever more popular (finally), would it not make sense to be the first one who comes up with a *NEW* editing application, one that's similar to those apps. that HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Windows Users have gotten used to during the past 10 - 15 years (Paint Shop Pro alone has over 40 million users worldwide)? And just imagine ... it would be owned, not open source, which means that it could turn into a mega money machine, as opposed to "just another" Gimp like open source app. I for one, would be happy to pay something for a quality working image editing application that provided me with the functions that I really need (one single primary all-encompassing programm window).

    Anyway, take care and have a great Weekend. I won't be back but if you ever come up with something similar to what I'm looking for, you can always send an email to: siggio3 -ATSYMBOL- accesspurple -DOT- com

  77. Siegfried,
    i'm sorry but this is what i can gave for now, i hope you can find something better than this, and don't forget to also tell me at gimphoto -at- gmail -dot- com, ok? :)

  78. a correct implementation of dcraw or other raw sotware libraw?
    but done right, Ufraw is not right as rawtherapee as demonstrated on dpreview. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1036&message=33017116

  79. Anonymous,
    actually GimPhoto can be use with ufraw but for now ufraw plugin not installed by default, maybe on the next version, ufraw will be included by default.

    afaik rawtherapee is also based on ufraw? if it's true how it can be different?

  80. Hello,
    thanks for your work...
    but a just change my pc for a mac and i'm really sad...
    when gimphoto for mac, i'don't want to install windows on my mac...

    i'm not an heretic!

  81. Anonymous,
    i actually also want to create GimPhoto for Mac but for now i don't have Mac and also don't have access to Mac, so for now i can only hope someone with Mac access can help me to compile it and create installer package for Mac.

    anyone can access to GimPhoto source code, from Developer sections in this site (just click DEV link from upper menu)

  82. cant find anything on pop art in gimp , i think that would be a great feature to have.

  83. rutta,
    maybe you can give me examples about pop art that you want for gimp, maybe links or sites that show pop art?

  84. GimPhoto is a nice product.

    I recently tried to create an animated Gif. There is no Tween function. It would be great if this function could be created and added.

  85. spcamp69,
    Thanks for your kind words :)

    try to install Gimp Animation Package (GAP) for GIMP 2.4 that will compatible with GimPhoto.
    maybe you can follow this link:

  86. I just downloaded and installed GimPhoto yesterday, and began working on projects I previously created with GIMPshop. It's and far more stable than and not prone to freezing like GIMPshop, which was why I uninstalled it from my PC.

    I tried running GimPad but the dialog boxes keep flickering and flashing when they overlap one another, and won't respond to mouse clicks when that happens. Thus, I won't be using it, unless I can figure out how to stop the flickering.

    Although GimPhoto opens up several separate windows like I presume the original GIMP does, that's not really an issue for me. I'm a Photoshop veteran, and this free program rocks.

  87. Rich Rodriguez,
    thank's for your kind words :)

    GimPad was designed only to work with single panel (tool options, brushes, fg/bg, undo, etc) like its default setting but if you tear one of those panel and setup your own panel then that will cause the problems.

  88. I have made my first wallpaper in my life a few days ago but my job was not ok. i dont want to pay for photoshop becouse it is my hoby and i dont have enough experience. i see there are very good tutorials about photoshop i cant fallow them with gimp but gimphoto is very good and more easy to take halp from photoshop users. i use the portible gimphoto v1.4.3 and i found a bug i think. when i try to write text on the image the sistem is crash. i mean text tool is not useable.

  89. Anonymous,
    i tried using GimPhoto 1.4.3 Portable (using package from this site) and it can write text without error (i test it to write text, change font, change color, even apply layer styles to it).

    maybe you can be more specific for the error message and what os do you use?

  90. thx for response, i use windows XP i have download first GimPhoto then copy GimPad inside GimPhoto with GimPad's all folders. also i use PSPI and Photoshop Brush loader plug-ins. when i just click on the text tool the application closed wihtout error message. my debuger says that "Unhandled exception at 0x63c943fc in gimphoto.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0xef7d4d18." its strange becouse only that tool gives this error.

  91. the real name is not "photoshop bruash loader" it is "abr brush loader"

  92. Anonymous,
    i re-testing GimPhoto + GimPad + PSPI + ABR plugin (Portable or Regular version) under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, everything working ok without error.

    sorry but i don't know what cause the error maybe there are fonts that is not compatible but for first step try to run it using GimPhoto only (don't use GimPad) and without ABR or PSPI for make sure that GimPhoto text function is working ok.

    and also try it GimPad or GimPhoto on other computer for testing it if the error is also happened under other computer system.

  93. Please please please implement Paintshop Pro's approach to docked/tabbed tool windows as an option. I just can't get used to the visual confusion the floating tool windows. All toolbars and pallets should be dockable... both to each other and to the screen edges.

    Thanks for listening!

  94. i solve text tool problem deleting gimp is not enough sometimes. when i delete registery enteries about gimp now text tool is worlk correctly.

  95. gimp is not remember tle last window prefrences when i close it. it opens always with same tool windows. its a problem or. should it me like this.

  96. super!!!!

  97. Anonymous,
    glad you can solved the text tool problem :)
    but maybe you can still remember, what registry entries that you delete and where its location?

    you can save last window preferences by editing it from Image Menu > Edit > Preferences > Window Management
    find "Windows Positions" label and give check at options:
    [v] Save window positions on exit
    Klik "OK" button

    thanks for your kind words :)

  98. in order to solve text tool problem, i use a freeware program called ccleaner, to clean registery entries of gimps after delete gimp

  99. selcuk,
    thanks for your info about clean registry using ccleaner, i will update GimPhoto installation preparation with this info, maybe will be useful for other users :)

  100. hi maybe you can add roadmap part, to show what are your planing about future and where are you on your plans. people can help you more easly and effectivly. also you can add a plug-in suggestion part users can suggect any plug-in, which they really want to see in GimPhoto, on this part

  101. Hi, I'd love to get then noise reduction but I am on a MAC. Anything for MAC?

  102. You have nice GimpPhoto logo there.. use it as favicon, I hate blogger favicons.

  103. Anonymous,
    for Mac users, i'm really sorry but i don't have Mac so i can't develop it for Mac.

    Thanks for your suggestions about favicon, i will replace it with GimPhoto logo :)

  104. Love the software, I would like to say that I often have to click in the window to make the windows show up in Gimpad (they often disappear if I am not clicked in the window). Please fix this! Also, how do I add themes to Gimpad (I downloaded one (in Windows) from the website in the manual, but how do I add it to Gimpad (I added it to the directory but it does not show up anyways in Windows 7)

  105. This is an update to my comment on 18 November 2009. I resolved the flickering panel issue with GimPad; I simply drag down the size of the overlapping and flickering windows (GIMP and Tool Options) and set them to the left side of the GimPad panel. It has worked wonderfully ever since.

    I love the adjustable Ink Tool feature. With just the right settings it's as free flowing, and better, than the brush feature in Adobe Illustrator.

    I use GimPhoto exclusively for coloring cartoons for use in greeting cards, e-cards and my comic strip blog. Great program; keep up the good work.

  106. Jon,
    is the problem with windows disappear only happen with Gimpad under Windows 7? i'm sorry but i don't have Windows 7 and i only knew that GimPhoto is working with Windows 7 from others.

    i will try to find computer with Windows 7 to testing extensively GimPhoto and Gimpad with Windows 7, thanks for your information.

    Rich Rodriguez,
    thank's for your info about resolved the flickering panel, i hope it will also useful for other users.

    i'm glad GimPhoto can be useful, thank's for your kind words and i will try to improve GimPhoto for the next version.

  107. How about creating GimPhoto with every stable Gimp release.

  108. Anonymous,
    sorry but i can't do that, for more detailed reasons, please read this link:

  109. I would like an option to zoom with the mouse's scroll wheel. I moved from PaintShopPro X2 and, not only because I've grown so used to it, found that zooming with the scroll wheel, and using the arrow buttons to pan up/down and left/right was a very useful option.

  110. Anonymous,
    GIMP or GimPhoto can be setting to use mouse scroll wheel to zoom but that not set by default.

    Follow this step:
    1. From Image Menu > Edit > Preferences...
    2. Click (little triangle icon) with title "Input Devices" then it will display sub-option menu with title "Input Controllers"
    3. Click "Input Controllers"
    4. Look at Right Panel with title "Active Controllers", there is 2 devices on the list: Main Mouse Wheel and Main Keyboard.
    5. Double Click "Main Mouse Wheel"
    6. It will open dialog "Configure Input Controller"
    7. At section "Event" klik "Scroll Up"
    8. Klik button "Edit"
    9. It will open dialog "Select Controller Event Action"
    10. Klik (little rectangle icon) on "View"
    11. Search Action "Zoom In", select it and click "OK" button.
    12. That will set Mouse Wheel Scroll Up event to Zoom In action.
    13. Do it again for Event "Scroll Down" to do Action "Zoom Out".
    14. And now your mouse wheel ready to use for zooming image.

    i will create detailed tutorial about this steps but i need to find time maybe next week, and i will try to set it up as default for next GimPhoto version.

    thanks for your suggestions :)

  111. Where is the GNU/Linux version of GimPad? MS Windows blows...

  112. Do we know how much it would cost to get an MDI developed for GTK so that GIMP could finally work with an MDI on GNU/Linux? Why don't you attempt to raise the money. The way you could do that is setup an form that allows users to submit an email, phone, and name along with a donation amount of how much they think they could afford to donate. Then if it appears that there may be enough money eventually to actually develop a MDI for GTK and GIMP then contact those people who said they would donate and let them know that the project was successful and to go ahead and send their contributions in.

    Under release history the download link for the 2008 GNU/Linux version of GimPhoto is broken.

  113. Anonymous,
    I can't promise anything about GimPad for Linux because for now i still struggle to provide GimPhoto for Mac installer.

    After GimPhoto for Mac released then i will concentrate to prepare new version of GimPhoto.

    for MDI for GTK, there is few efforts to create it but never got supported by GTK dev team, even under Mac there is no MDI, many said that MDI broke the consistency of user interface.

    maybe you better ask to GTK team about MDI feature for GTK?

    Thanks for your info about broken link, now it's fixed :)

  114. I'm a teacher in Denmark. Right our school use an old version of PaintShopPro, and I really don't like it. Now I've installed GIMP, but I don't like the GUI. Long story short: Isn't there any way, even though it's not your primary interest, for you to create a lanquage-pack. If you do, a lot of people will be able to use the language-pack and create the all different translations.
    I for one, would gladly make a Danish translation.

    Please consider this, as it would help many people.

    Thank you all for this great software.

    All the best,

  115. Johannes,
    Thanks for your kind words :)

    actually i really want to be able to create language pack for GimPhoto because there are many requests about it.

    but GimPhoto menu modification process was done with simple hack then for now it not possible to use it with language pack.

    i must re-create menu modification for GimPhoto but using the proper way, the problem is there are no documentation about it.

    i will look what i can do about it and maybe if you also have any info about it then please email me at ekkians -at- gmail.

    Thank you ( ^^ )m

  116. Good day!

    My name is Marina Popruzhnaya and I represent Informer Technologies Inc., the owners of http://software.informer.com project.

    Our editors reviewed GimPhoto and your program got the "5* Editor's Pick Award": http://gimphoto.software.informer.com.

    We would be very pleased if you placed our "5* Editor's Pick Award" on your website http://www.gimphoto.com referring to our web page. Or place a link to us on your website in whichever place you find suitable.

    On our part, we can place your program for a certain period of time in our new block “Today’s highlight”. You can check it out on our web site by clicking on any product. According to our statistics, you will get about 1 000 downloads of your product per day and extra visitor on your website.

    Our website processes 2,4 million clicks and welcomes over 700 000 unique visitors every day. We are on the list of world’s 500 most visited web sites. http://software.informer.com/ is a social network about software. Users can find complete information about any application, and also download any program they wish.

    It is also possible that you maybe interested in bundling Software Informer Client with your program. Our small program gathers information on the software installed on one's computer and connects to our website to find out if there are updates available for those programs. If you have ideas about Software Informer bundle with your program, we would be happy to hear them.

    Thank you for your time! Let me know if you're interested and I'll provide you with additional details on how we can cooperate.

    Best wishes,
    Marina Popruzhnaya

  117. Marina,
    Thank you for the award :)

  118. Please consider offering a portable version with G'MIC integrated (in addition to the current portable)

    .. as providing those directions to friends and family is vexatious. As is I unpack GIMPhoto, unpack G'MIC into GIMPhoto, archive, post online, and re-distribute (to small group).

  119. purity,
    actually when GimPhoto 1.4.3 created GMIC is called Greycstoration, and it's already included with GimPhoto, you can access it from Menu:
    Photo > Noise > Greycstoration

    for the next version of GimPhoto, i will include GMIC.

    Thank's for your efforts to rebundle GimPhoto with GMIC and share it with others :)

  120. This looks cool :D i downloaded gimp 2.6 not to long ago and found it very useful. GimpPhoto looks awsome and very photoy(sorry for my speling XD)i never realy liked photoshop because it was expensive and hard to use(tried it on my bros comp) Since i already like gimp im gonna try this magnififcent looking program...and please excuse my horrid spelling XDPS. hopefully i will download it soon bye bye, Wolfy

  121. Great project, why don't you put it on github.com so people can contribute easily?

  122. Anonymous,
    Thanks for your kind words :)

    You can go to DEV section in this site for download Gimphoto 1.4.3 source code in compressed format (ZIP) because i never use CVS, SVN or GIT.

  123. Liz Brookes8/12/10 12:04 AM

    Hi, I've been reading a lot of good things about your program GimPhoto. Although I read there wasn't a version for Mac. :( I am surely hoping this is something you are currently in the process of working on. I am looking forward to trying it out and find out what all the fuss is about! Thanks a lot.

  124. Well, here we are more than a year later once again.

    I wanted to point out, just in case anyone here missed the news, that the next release of Gimp which is supposed to take place within the next 30 days or so, will also have the built-in option to use Gimp as a single windowed application, similar to Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and others. Obviously once this happens there'll be no additional fine-tuning needed which more less makes GimPhoto obsolete at that point. See this link here:


    No, I'm not trying to incense anyone. But that was the entire purpose of GimPhoto, right? Providing everyone the full ability of the Gimp within a single windowed application? Once this happens with the official version of Gimp, about 99% of the problems that anyone may have had in the past with GimPhoto would thereby be instantly resolved.

  125. Liz,
    everyday i working on Gimphoto for Mac but there is so many BIG troubles that prevent me to release it soon. i hope i can find solution for it, wish me luck :)

    Gimphoto single UI is DIFFERENT than GIMP single UI.
    Gimphoto single UI is much more like Photoshop UI and GIMP single UI is just like Firefox TAB UI.
    Gimphoto is MORE than just single UI GIMP!

  126. Just downloaded Gimphoto, and two times already, it has froze on me. Once while trying to use the text tool, and then right before I was able to save. I'm also not sure about differences between Gimphoto and just regular Gimp...they seem the same to me...thanks anyways...

  127. Liz,
    what OS do you use? Gimphoto is GIMP modification for give more familiar experience for Ps users, if you not Ps user then maybe you better try original GIMP :)

  128. I'm using Windows 7...regular gimp works fine, but I miss photoshop that I used to have up until my tower died on me.

  129. Liz,
    i testing Gimphoto with Gimpad using Windows 7 Starter Edition, and it is working fine, including Text Tool, even i can used it with Layer Effects script.

    i think the problem is your Windows 7 UAC (User Access Control) try disable it or you can also try Gimphoto Portable Edition, maybe it works.

  130. I am a little baffled by the GimPad bit, as I'm not sure what it is trying to achieve. I have used photoshop a lot, but am looking for a replacement. GIMP is OK except of course the UI is a foreign beast on Windows. Especially the floating windows. I thought from the screenshots that GimPad might solve that problem. In fact, GimPad simply adds yet another floating window. This baffles me, as there is no apparent benefit, and in fact the extra window hides the Layers window and the document window if you accidentally click on it (so not an MDI). On top of that, I have to use task-manager to kill GimPad because the File/Exit doesn't work.

    Maybe not tried on Win7 x64 yet?

  131. Anonymous,
    Gimpad only tested on WinXP, Vista and Win7 32 bit without a problem.

    i never testing it using 64 bit system because i don't have 64 bit hardware/software, sorry :)

  132. Hi,
    I was to test GimPhoto features when the spashscreen popups to agress my eyes with a political message requesting me to go green (whatever that means) to fight a non-problem setup by scientologists experts in numerology and tarots.

    I do not support crankology.
    I do not support your activist's business.
    I do not support your software.

  133. Not working, program needs admin rights, and even if it instaleed by admin rights do not working.
    im XP user.

  134. Anonymous,
    i everyday using Gimphoto and Gimpad with Windows XP without problems.

    can you more specific about what problems / errors that happened to you?

  135. so man, is your project dead? you must keep working on it dude current 2.8.x releases sucks big time in windows and i'm no paying PS cause it's very resource hungry anyway, not even tempted to download illegally as it will just lust after my resources.

  136. hi zenith

    thanks for your efforts ;D im running fedora17 and trying to install gimphoto.

    tried the usual "ALL LINUX Distro" method but, after double-clicking the file, nothing happens

    used alien to create a .rpm from the .deb:

    # rpm -ivh gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386.rpm

    but then i get this:

    # erro: Dependências não satisfeitas:
    libORBit-2.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libXmu.so.6 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libXt.so.6 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libaa.so.1 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libaa.so.1(AA_1.4) é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libart_lgpl_2.so.2 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libbonobo-2.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libbonobo-activation.so.4 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libbonoboui-2.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libdbus-glib-1.so.2 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libgconf-2.so.4 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libgdk-x11-2.0.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libgnome-2.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libgnome-keyring.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libgnomecanvas-2.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libgnomeui-2.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libgnomevfs-2.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libgtkhtml-2.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libhal.so.1 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libpng12.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libpng12.so.0(PNG12_0) é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libpoppler-glib.so.2 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libpopt.so.0 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libtiff.so.4 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libwmf-0.2.so.7 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386
    libwmflite-0.2.so.7 é requerido por gimphoto-1.4.3-2.i386

    its portuguese, but well you get it ;D
    basically, i need all of those dependecies =/
    any ideas?

    best of luck,

  137. oops

    sent the .rom file wrong url

    the link will only be active for 24 hours and/or 20 downloads, but i think it will do...


  138. Romulo,
    you must use the package for "ALL LINUX Distro" if you click the file and nothing happened then you need to change the file to executable
    follow this forum post tutorial about it:

  139. add file tree/organizer and Trays(!!!) (like Corel PaintShopPro has) to select/sort photos into different groups. Then allow to upload photos in trays directly to google picasa or ftp. Allow to drag and drop to/from these trays.

  140. I edited your "Who" text for you. I don't know if it will fit...

    Hi, I am Ek kian, I live in Surabaya, Indonesia.

    In my country, software piracy is at the worst level. Pirated software is used everywhere, from education to professional fields.

    I tried my best effort to use legal software, but Indonesians who use this kind of software don’t earn enough to buy legal versions. OS software costs about one month’s salary, and even CAD software equals two years’ salary. Many people simply choose not to buy the software.

    I can afford the OS software, but for applications I search open-source or freeware solutions to replace the expensive proprietary software, such as Photoshop.

    I teach web design and multimedia at a local college and university, so I use image-editing applications extensively. At campus I use Photoshop, but at home I can't afford it, so I searched free alternatives as a replacement. I found GIMP, and after using it for a year I missed the comfortable user interface of Photoshop. Then I heard about Gimpshop.

    Gimpshop brings a new menu structure that mimics Photoshop’s; even the menu-naming convention is exactly like Photoshop. Gimpshop made using GIMP more enjoyable, but Gimpshop was still based on GIMP 2.2, an old but stable version that lacks many features in the GIMP 2.3 development version, so I decided to try to modify the menu structure of GIMP 2.3 to mimic the Gimpshop menu.

    When modifying the GIMP 2.3.14 menu structure I realized that the naming convention that GIMP 2.3 has is already similar to Photoshop 7. Only a couple of menus are different. The new naming convention of GIMP 2.3 is easy to remember and logically matches the menu functions.

    After modifying the menu structure to more exactly mimic Gimpshop, I addressed the lack of features built-in to GIMP by incorporating functions provided by GIMP plugins. So I installed the plugins and created new submenus for them in the menu structure (ex: Save for Web, Batch Process, CMYK Separation, Photoshop plugin support, etc.)

    I also modified the brush set, installed more gradient sets, and other additional resources to bring a better out-of-the-box experience for GIMP.

    I hope my effort can reduce software piracy and also bring a more enjoyable image-editing application that is free for all.

    BIG THANKS to the GIMP development team and Gimpshop creators. \(^___^)/

    Best wishes and happiness for everyone,
    Ek kian

  141. Anonymous,
    Thank you for your help fixing "Who" text, my English is limited, can i know your name to give you a credit? Thanks :)

  142. Ramulo

    Its fix?
    Maybe, you need to type sudo su and then install this. From terminal okay... :)

  143. when gimphoto will be update with the gimp?

  144. On AmigaOS it is possible to use Gimp using CygnX environment. Is there any possibility to release code of GimPhoto so Amiga developers can convert it to Amiga system?

  145. FranChico,
    i'm sorry but for now i'm still busy with my life :)

    Gimphoto source code already released, download it from: http://www.gimphoto.com/2007/08/developer.html

  146. Is this build capable of handling Raw files? I have never been able to make Raw files work with GIMP. That is why I have not been able to use it.

  147. Anonymous,
    For using RAW file with Gimphoto, you must install UFRaw GIMP Plugin first, you can get it from: http://ufraw.sourceforge.net/
    there is official guide for it:
    or if you prefer more simple tutorial specific for Windows platform then follow this tutorial:

    I will include UFRaw plugin in the next version of Gimphoto, so stay tune! :)

  148. July 24, 2013

    Curves in Photoshop has eyedroppers that I find useful for color corrections. When I clicked on help to see if the eyedroppers were somewhere else in gimphoto, I got the message that I didn't have the help plug-in. I don't see it listed on the website.

  149. Anonymous,
    try following tutorial about using eyedroppers with GIMP Curves from this site:

  150. Can we possibly have the video with sound to explain the software better? The current one is very difficult to follow. Thanks

  151. If I maximize the window of a picture within Gimphoto 24.1, the Gimpad in my opinion makes too many pixels useless in the hight of the display. Also Fullscreen F11 does not make it better.
    I think the 4 buttons of Gimpad wouldn't need to be visible anymore if a picture window is maximized within Gimpad.
    One step more this window handling would be great:
    If I maximize a window within Gimphoto, this maximized window would become Gimphoto. (One only title bar, stating the filename and infos right next after the program name Gimphoto!)

  152. I was so excited....until GimPhoto installed inself on my Windows 7 C drive without giving me any option to install it elsewhere. My C drive is a very small SSD so I have to install all my non system software to a new, larger SSD - my B drive. This is the first program of many, many programs I have installed that did not give me the option to choose my install location. That's not good, not good at all.

  153. How do I manually update Gimphoto with the latest Gimp?

  154. good gimphoto
    but i think that interface, the look of double frame not ok.
    look narrow verticaly
    one frame or single window look reallly goood

  155. Hi
    I have downloaded what it says is "the best alternative to Photoshop", but Gimphoto asks me where X11 is - XQuartz is in the app folder but it won't find it - can you help ??


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