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Gimphoto is application software for photo and image editor.
Gimphoto is based on Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program).
Gimphoto is released under GPL.

Gimphoto is a GIMP modification with new menu, additional plugins and resources to bring the best GIMP experience to Photoshop users.

Why was this program created?
Many GIMP users have discussed how GIMP must be improve in many areas before it can be used as free Photoshop alternative (even with earlier versions of Photoshop - 5.5 or 6). Area that must be improved are:

- Features
Color Management, CMYK Separation, 16 bit Mode, Batch Process, Layer Adjustment, Styles, Action.

- User Interface
Menu Structure, Menu Priority, Shortcuts, Toolbox and Dialog design, Windowing System (too many big buttons and white spaces).

- Lack of Resources
More useful brushset, More useful gradients, More useful pattern, More useful plugin (tight selection of plugins, only include commonly used and high quality plugins because loading brushset, gradients and plugins takes time).

GIMP must be useful out of the box without further customization by user.

Many of these features have been added to the GIMP 2.3 development series and many plugins have been developed to extend GIMP capabilities but these plugins are spread all over the internet and must be installed manually to get the best GIMP experience.

I have tried my best to compose those components (GIMP latest version, best plugins, and best resources) into a single package that will provide an out of the box experience for GIMP.

so I bring to you... Gimphoto.

The Gimphoto 1.0 and 1.4 modification process is done at binary level so it is only available for Windows and there is no source code, for more understand about the Gimphoto modification process then read

but since Gimphoto 1.4.3 modification process is done at source code level so Gimphoto 1.4.3 also released its source code and Gimphoto 1.4.3 is available for Windows and Linux.

caution: I'm really sorry about my bad grammar all over this site, due to the fact that English is not my mother language. I tried my best but...I was really bad at english grammar lessons in school :P so if you have tips or tricks to improve my grammar send to ekkians at gmail dot com, i would really appreciate it :) Thank you!

06 Dec 2008 - grammar fix by Jeff Jones.


  1. "GIMP must be useful out of the box without further customization by user."

    I have always thought it was useful out of the box without customization.

  2. Zenith, I work at a college and I think your conversational English is just fine. At least you don't spell "the" as "teh", like so many other Netizens do.

  3. greg,
    thank's :) but i feel still need too improve my english, so i can write tutorial in english better and easier to understand.

    do you use batch process?
    do you use separation?
    do you use save for web?
    do you create custom brush?
    do you use gimp for digital photo retouching and digital imaging?
    do you use gimp for doing art job professionally?

    what i mean with "useful out of the box" is at professional level.

  4. I think you've done a great job (I'm a web developer/designer so am used to photoshop). Will be adding a link to GimPhoto on my website (as soon as I get round to updating it!).

    Thanks for the work you have put into this project, and good luck with future updates.

    I know what you mean about your grammar, but I've understood everything I've read .. and that's all that really counts - the ability to communicate!

  5. andy,
    Thank you very much for the positive feedback, this means a lot to me :)

    I always try to do my best to improve GimPhoto and GimPad and also my English grammar :p hehehe... (^__^)v

  6. Wow! At last I found suitable alternative to very expensive PS! Thanks for your mod, GIMP looked awful without it!

  7. Thank you very much Tim!
    i really appreciate your positive feedback :)

  8. I mean omfg! brushes! normal map plugin! high pass plugin! uber awesomeness.

  9. Great job you did ! do you plan a new version based on gimp 2.6 ? thank you again

  10. Anonymous,
    Thank you very much for the positive feedback,
    for more detailed info about gimphoto based on GIMP 2.6, check this link:

  11. New user to Gimphoto - where can a find user manual gving comprehensive instructions


  12. Anonymous,
    sorry for lack of manual, this happened because my lack of time and also because my english is limited to be able to provide a good manual for gimphoto.

    but gimphoto is 100% GIMP 2.4 compatible then you can use GIMP 2.4 manual with little adjustments:

    GIMP 2.4 Manual:

    GIMP Tutorials:

  13. Great project!!
    Two thumbs up

    Budiman - Batam

  14. You need to make this to support MAC OS X

  15. Budiman,
    salam kenal dari Surabaya :)
    thannks for your kind words!

    i working on it, just wish me luck :)

  16. I'm about to download gimphoto having tried to install The Gimp but it failed to complete the installation process !! and I couldn't get it to finish the job.
    About improving your English, Collins Cobuild is a brilliant more-than-a-dictionary especially designed for people learning English. It was published by HarperCollins in 2003. If it's no longer available you might find on Amazon.
    Hope that helps,

  17. Anonymous,
    Thanks for your suggestion about Collins Cobuild, i will looking for it :)

  18. I am curious to know why this is free. Why do you make something without earning any cent? I mean, that is fine for the rest of us. I do not think the software contains any virus, but what is the purpose of giving it away.
    I appreciate you take your time to help others, best regards

  19. Anonymous,
    Thank's for your kind words :)

    actually i only made a modification over GIMP, the hardest part (programming it) is already done by GIMP team and they release it for free!
    so i just follow their steps :)

    i already use photoshop for very long time but can't afford it then i tried GIMP but i didn't enjoy it, so i modified GIMP to suit my needs.

    After testing it and feel it quite good then i think others will also enjoy it too then i decide to share it with others :)

    until now i still can manage without earning at all because hosting cost is very cheap, i using many free solutions but lately there is many user requests to support platform like 64bit system or Mac OSX system that i don't have the hardware.

    maybe i will setup donation or ads for raising fund for improving GimPhoto functions and platform support.

  20. You're the man, Zenith!

    - Magoichi Saika

  21. purwanto- .id14/1/10 2:06 PM

    i really thankyu to this gim pad,and gimp photo.and your good will to share with others.i'm new in photo editing.i can't afford that "AARRGGHHH" photoshop price(T_T).i've been looking for more brushes(but what gimp 2.4 have embedded)in days.
    huft..my english a lot worse than yours zen..

  22. Purwanto,
    salam kenal dari surabaya.

    thank's for your kind words :)
    photoshop is pricey but it is very powerful.

    GimPhoto or GIMP can use Photoshop ABR brushes, there are many free brushes, just try find it using Google.

    your English is fine.
    i must try harder to improve my English :)

  23. terimakasih banyak ya,Zenith!!
    saya tetap bisa pakai brush yang keren2, dengan program yang halal.. blm lama cobanya, semoga stabil terus.. kmrn2 coba gimpshop tapi sering error. Terimakasih sekali, photoshop nggak kebeli, eeh ada yg baik hati menyediakan waktu,tenaga, menggratiskan program keren ini..
    Hope you and the GIMP maker get the best reward from God, for this.
    Jayalah Indonesia!

  24. Anonymous,
    salam kenal dari Surabaya :)

    Thank you very much for your kind words, God bless you too.

    Indonesia Jaya!

  25. Thanks for your hard work. Will you be making available for Windows 7?

  26. Anonymous,
    one of GimPhoto user confirm that GimPhoto can be use with Windows 7 without problem.

  27. thanks for all, i can create more template with GIMP and this tools so cool

  28. Hi, are there any news about releasing new version based on gimp 2.6 or 2.8 on Debian/Ubuntu? Cheers

  29. Anonymous,
    i'm still busy working on Gimphoto for Mac and yes, it is based on GIMP 2.6.8. After Gimphoto for Mac finished then i will working on Gimphoto for Linux :)

  30. Great project. You should also have a possibility to donate. Many people like me would have no problem donating 5-10€ to such a nice project. When there are hundreds of people possibly doing it, then development might speed up :)

  31. oligofren,
    Thanks for your kind words and suggestions.

    I will think about it, thank you :)

  32. This is really a good project~ Thank you!!!

  33. Would it be alright to ask if this would be updated to the much newer version of GIMP by chance?

  34. Ais,
    there is a plan to using newer GIMP version for the next Gimphoto version, but for now i still try find time to be able working on it, so stay tuned :)

  35. Hi - Oligofren made a great point "Many people like me would have no problem donating 5-10€ to such a nice project". Think about it seriously. If only 500 people a year did it, that wouldpay for someone to write that user manual you are thinking about!

  36. Great work guys! Keep this up and you will hit a home run!!!

  37. Don't apologize for your English. You did better than most English speaking folks out there. Thanks for taking the time and effort that you put into this program and website!
    It is MUCH appreciated!!!


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