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Hi, I am Ek kian, i live at Surabaya, Indonesia.

I know that at my country software piracy is at the worst level, pirated software is used everywhere from education to professional field.

I tried my best effort to use legal software, but our salary is not enough to buy legal software (for OS software equal 1 month salary and even cad software equal 2 years salary (O.o) so many people chose not to buy the software)

I only can afford the OS software but for application i search open source or freeware solution to replace the propietary expensive software.

I teach web design and multimedia at local college and university, so i use image editing application extensively. At campus i use Photoshop but at home i can't afford Photoshop, so i search free alternative as photoshop replacement and then I found GIMP but after using it a year, i feel that when using GIMP i'm not comfortable as i use Photoshop, and i heard about Gimpshop.

Gimpshop bring new menu structure that mimic photoshop menu even the menu naming convention is translated to exactly like photoshop. After tried using Gimpshop i feel more enjoy using GIMP but Gimpshop still using GIMP 2.2, old stable version that lack many features that already have by GIMP 2.3 development version, so i decided to try my self to modify menu structure GIMP 2.3 to mimic Gimpshop menu.

When modifying GIMP 2.3.14 menu structure i realize that naming convention that GIMP 2.3 have is already similar with Photoshop 7, only a couple menu that different and GIMP 2.3 new naming convention is easy to remember and logically match with the menu functions.

After modifying menu structure to more exactly mimic Gimpshop, there is many lack of features that built-in at GIMP but that functions already have solution as GIMP plugins. So i install the plugin and create new submenu for that plugin at menu structure (ex: Save for Web, Batch Process, CMYK Separation, Photoshop plugin support, etc)

I also modify brush set, install more professional look gradient set, and add another additional resources to bring more out of the box experience for GIMP... and then Gimphoto is born :)

I hope my effort can reduces software piracy and also bring more enjoyable image editing application that free for all.

BIG THANKS to GIMP developer team and Gimpshop creator. \(^___^)/

Best wishes and happiness for everyone,
Ek kian


  1. Great program! I feel at home now :-)

    Some request: can you write a tutorial on compiling GIMPhoto in Windows? I was searching for GIMP, but it doesn't exist.


  2. Thank you very much! I was about to by PsP Elements but Gimp is better in some aspects even than Photoshop. But has ugly flying palette interface. You corrected this.

  3. Ek Kian, you are my new hero. Great stuff!

  4. I concur with the previous comment. It was about time. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    Alvaro Medina

  5. I downloaded Gimphoto 1.4.3 expecting to get that photoshop lay-out, as said on website.
    BUT what I got was Gimp 2.4.3

  6. Anonymous,
    are you already install GimPad 1.1?
    because GimPad that will modify GimPhoto bring user interface to be more like Photoshop UI.

    please follow installation procedures at Downloads page more carefully, because it's already stated there.

  7. you are a hero!

  8. Patrick Christy9/4/09 1:37 AM

    Revolutionary as always. I'm so using this!

  9. apik tenan software mu,rek!!

    nice inpo,gan!!


  10. Great App, thanx for sharing with Us!
    Hardly waiting the next release!

    regards, zoli

  11. It is great that people like you exist to provide the community with user-friendly versions of open source apps.

    I hope you continue the good work,


  12. Alex,
    thank's for your kindly words :)

  13. GimPhoto+GimPad are great programs(great modifications of the GIMP 2.4 core) and are a joy to use, along with many other free/open-source image editors.
    The only drawback that I see is that your English isn't perfect, but I hope that you will improve that and I wish you to continue your great work by developing this cool program.

    With regards,
    Sah War

  14. Excuse me: Are you male or female? I ask that because I've been adding GimPhoto to the german Wikipadie page for [[GIMP]].

  15. Dan-Yell,
    i am is male, thanks for adding about GimPhoto at German Wikipedia :)

  16. When you're running 64bit Ubuntu, the installer for Gimphoto won't work because you have to force 64bit Ubuntu to accept the 32bit Package with something like this in the install path:

    sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i

    Problem is that you also need to know the specific .deb file name (and location) to be used for the installation. I have no idea what file name, in which of the many folders, to use for installation.

    Please help me out here. I'm new to Linux and I'm hoping that Gimphoto will permit me to get rid of Windows entirely ... as a replacement for my current corel Software.

  17. Great modifications, I used both Photoshop and GIMP at past, I love both, but prefer to GIMP as it free and small memory consumption, but GIMP is hard for general people. GimPhoto is what I wanted, I use it now ^_^

    Your modifications great, but the GimpPad still need improvement, why not when launch GimPhoto user can decide to choose betwen GIMP GUI or Photoshop GUI, I think that would great.. ^_^
    So don't need to install separate utility to make it fell like Photoshop (just suggesstion)

    I'm from Indonesia too, I'm very proud of you bro...Nice work, keep movin

  18. Anonymous,
    salam kenal :)

    thanks for your kind words and for great idea about GimPhoto user can decide to choose between GIMP UI or PS UI, i will try to implement it.

    mohon bantuannya untuk menyebarkan tentang GimPhoto, terima kasih :)

  19. hi, I can host your files.

  20. Can you make a tutorial on how to install GimPad and GimPhoto on Ubuntu 64 bits?

  21. Anonymous,
    please check again GimPhoto for Linux download page, i already updated it with info about installation for 64 bits system.


    but for GimPad, it's only available for Windows.

  22. can you set up a way for people to make donations for your great work?

  23. genericfu,
    thanks for your suggestion, but i'm still waiting my paypal approval :)

  24. zenith! great! hebat!

    i'm looking for photoshop replacement, as i try to be fully legal. :)

    arek suroboyo? same w/me. i'm so proud when i found that this GimPhoto is from surabaya!

    main disadvantage of GIMP is their interface. now i can tell the people to rid their pirated photoshop. :D

    once again: great! thanks! lanjutno, cak! :D


  25. Gideon,
    salam kenal, terima kasih atas supportnya :)

    saya juga berusaha untuk menggunakan software yang legal, dan kesulitan untuk mencari pengganti Photoshop yg enak makenya, karena itu saya develop GimPhoto.

    wah kapan-kapan kita mesti ketemuan nih, buat ngobrol-ngobrol tentang usaha mempopulerkan penggunaan software yang legal di Surabaya.

    - ek kian

  26. Hi,
    Please do not forget in your presentation the other advantages of free software. Not everything is the economic factor but also open source. And this is the most important for the develop of your software ;-)

  27. Sorry... and thank you very much for your efforts :-)

  28. Ya Ek Kian,

    i'll "call" you later. :)
    saya juga step by step berusaha melegalkan software yg saya pake... openoffice already became my standard, for me, and for my client. :)

    now, it's "photoshop" :).


  29. tat,
    Thank's for your kind words and your suggestions.

    i also use OpenOffice :)

  30. Hi,

    I'm interested in porting this to MAC OS but I'm gonna need your help.
    Can you please email me at ruben AT snpp.com.ar ?


  31. Ruben,
    Ok, i will email you :)

  32. will GimPhoto will work with 64-bit Vista? what about Windows 7? Thx

  33. Anonymous,
    i'm sorry, but i don't have 64bit Vista or Windows 7, so i can't test it.

    for Windows 7, i think it should works ok because afaik Windows 7 internal system is same as Vista and GimPhoto is running ok under Vista.

  34. Hi,

    Great mod since gimpshop, now i am trying using Gimphoto with Gimpad. Great job...

    btw I will follow n support your jobs since you're Indonesian.. i noticed it with your Bunga Citra Lestari photo.. lol


  35. komink,
    Thank you for your kind words and your support :)

    salam kenal dari surabaya,
    mohon bantuannya untuk menyebarkan ke teman-teman tentang gimphoto, terima kasih :)

  36. Cool

    Great to know this...
    Software Piracy indeed is an ever growing worry for professionals.

    I prefer Ubuntu as a Free alternative for Windows, and being web designer I was searching for a better alternative to photoshop rather than GIMP....
    I have downloaded the deb installer and would try it on ubuntu...
    BTW I would like to share the info abt gimphoto on my site.

  37. Pravin Balaji Dhayfule,
    thank's for your kind word and for sharing info about GimPhoto on your site.

    i hope you like it :)

  38. yes work great on Windows 7 :p

  39. Thiago Crespi25/3/10 10:07 AM

    Your efforts to improve Gimp with GimPhoto are awesome! Keep working and thank you very much! Regards from Brazil

  40. Thiago Crespi,
    Thanks for your kind words :)
    i will try my best to improve GimPhoto.
    Best Regards from Indonesia.

  41. Good job bro...

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Andy Coan,
    Thank's for your kind words :)

  44. hi kak Ek Kian, I dont know where to ask, so i ask in this page:
    Ive been practising, but still have difficulties 1. to select the layer from the picture iam working on.. cannot pick them with right click like i usually do on p****shop. Is there easier way to select the layer than see each layer in layer table? bagaimana cara mengambil layer dari gambar tanpa mencari layer di table layer?
    2. Is there a replace for P****shop polygonal lasso and magnetic lasso?
    thank you, thank you, maturnuwun:)sorry for the annoying stupid question. I use english because i hope somebody else can also get the advantage, actually my javanese is better than my english, xixi

  45. Anonymous,
    salam kenal ya :)

    1. sorry but at regular GIMP version there is no function like that, i will add that function for next version of GimPhoto.

    (di versi GIMP yang standar fungsi tersebut memang tidak ada, nanti saya tambahkan fungsi tersebut di versi GimPhoto berikutnya)

    2. for Polygonal Lasso, try:
    - click at Toolbox icon that have image tip of the pen (Paths Tool)
    - look at Tool Options panel, check option [v]Polygonal
    - draw Path that you want.
    - for closing the path, press (Ctrl + tombol kiri Mouse) at beginning point of Path.
    - if Path created then press ENTER to create selection.

    for Magnetic Lasso, try using Scissors Select Tool (icon with scissors image).

    saya juga belepotan kok bahasa Inggris-nya :p hehe...sami sami...(bhs Inggrisnya: "same same" ya? hahaha!)

  46. hi,
    maybe im to stupid but how can you say that gimphoto + gimpad gives photoshop ? is still normal gimp(with some more features), where you cant do anything if you dont know this program and you work on photoshop...

  47. Anonymous,
    i said it will give you "free" Photoshop, you missed the "free" word :)

    please find me Photoshop with "free" price tag, legally, then i will be happy discontinue my work on Gimphoto.

    i spend 6 month create Gimphoto for Windows,
    i spend 8 month create Gimphoto for Linux,
    i spend 1 years create Gimphoto for Mac and until now still working on it, Why?

    i just want to have image editor that i can use comfortable just like Photoshop that free and legally, because i already use Photoshop since 3.05 but i can't afford Photoshop.

    so if you can afford Photoshop then BUY it, you won't regret it because it's the BEST!
    but please DON'T use pirated Photoshop.

    rather than using pirated Photoshop then use Gimphoto, so Gimphoto is BETTER than pirated Photoshop :)

  48. Terimakasih bung...

    Saya memang sedang mencoba beralih dari software bajakan ke freeware atau setidaknya yang murah (pelan-pelan saja kata Tantri Kotak ;-)..)... Pengennya sih ya PS ori, tapi 6jt man..!!!..

    Gimphoto insya allah sebagai alternatif untuk PS...

    Sekali lagi terimakasih bung.. Mohon bimbingan jikalau ada kendala di Gimphoto....

    Sukses selalu...

  49. Totok,
    salam kenal, selamat mencoba :)

  50. what people will do when you die );

  51. ekkyan yo do a great accomplishment here and i wish you a good day will come soon....
    and i believe it..

  52. Anonymous,
    Thanks for your kind words :)
    Best wishes for you.

  53. Hi Ek,

    GimPhoto is excellent. Using it has taught how to modify GIMP itself in order to be far more useful. Before seeing what you'd done with GimPhoto, I was intimidated by GIMP! So I have to thank you for that.

    The thing I like the most about GimPhoto is the superb set of brushes and gradients that you've created. They are so much better, and so much more professional, than the default brushes and gradients provided with GIMP. I am sure that many people who are comfortable with standard GIMP would love to use your brushes and gradients, and they would happily give you a donation for them. So I suggest that you should make them available as a separate download.

    I would like to suggest that a top priority should be to make the changes needed to allow GimPhoto and GIMP to be installed at the same time. There's no problem right now, because GimPhoto is based on an older version of GIMP, but I'm concerned about what will happen with your next release.

    Many thanks for your brilliant work.


  54. Julia,
    Thanks for your kind words and your suggestions, i will try my best for Gimphoto next version :)

  55. There is a virus in the download file for GimPhoto http://infidelsunited.com/pics/GimPhoto.png Just thought you'd like to know that!

  56. I downloaded GimPhoto and have started to us it, after using a very old version of Photoshop. All I use is Select/Feather and Curves and maybe unsharp mask.

    GimPhoto's feathering and Curves have far more finesse than Photoshop.

    You've done a wonderful job Ek, I am very grateful to you and delighted with GimPhoto.

  57. You are making a great effort and you have created something very good. Respect!

    Best regards from Canada

  58. Anonymous,
    Thank you for your kind words :)

  59. Hi Ek,
    I would ask you if there is no a paypal donation link or something like this, because I like really your work. I'm not a huge rich person but I really enjoy you made. I can't use Photoshop because his expensive cost but I would like to send you a few dollars because I really profit from your work and your grateful expenses in time and efforts enlighten my efforts in my own work too.

  60. In fact I missed a software release with promotion
    a software valued with 79$ was promoted for 25$ and I missed this and I asked there is not a enough good alternative for free concerning photo editing? In these last days I was searching through the internet I tried a some couple of software but at the end I was content only with yours as skins, look, UI, and features and effectiveness. I think you redesigned GIMP at her best sides. GIMP reloaded reborning as Phoenix.

  61. Very nice!
    I used to use Photoshop, but in 8 inches laptop, it doesn't fit. Gimphoto does. Thanks!
    *salam dari Makassar mas bro :) *

  62. Joko Rivai,
    I glad Gimphoto is works ok with your laptop, salam kenal juga :)

  63. Nathaniel Bumppo,
    Thanks for your kind words but for now there is no donation link, may be later but thank you very much for your offers :)

  64. Hello Zenith:

    I live in Utah, U.S.A. I want you to know that I appreciate your Bio (Who) very much and your aspiration to improve GIMP enough via GimpPhoto... to reduce the piracy of PhotoShop. Your heart and efforts are in the right place. Keep up the great work!


  65. Alan,
    Thank you for your support and kind words, cheers from Indonesia :)

  66. Hi Zenith.
    I read all the reviews and features. Great job no doubt!!

    The latest discussion about 64bit Vista or Win-7 was 2 yrs ago. Any recent news? Does it work on 64bit Vista and Win-7?

    Also, version 1.4.3 is based on GIMP 2.4.3. Are you working on newer version to be based on the newer version of GIMP?

  67. Masih download pak, nunggu selesai. Saya lama - lama juga risih dengan Photoshop bajakan yang biasa saya pakai, mencoba mencari sesuatu yang lebih barokah dengan ini.

    Salam kenal, salam sukses dari Sragen pak :)

  68. Anonymous,
    Thanks for your kind words :)
    I'm sorry i still using 32 bit system and now i working on new Gimphoto based on GIMP 2.6 but i still waiting for the latest 2.6 minor update, i think 2.6.12 will be the last one then i will work based on it.

    Selamat mencoba Gimphoto, semoga cocok dan bisa bermanfaat.

    Salam kenal juga dari Surabaya :)

  69. Salam kenal mas,

    i started "legal-computing" back in 2006. just want to let u know, i've been using GiMPhoto since 2007, and it never let me down on performing image editing tasks i usually perform on photoshop. never know any other Indonesian whose free-product is as lifesaver as yours, not even close to. in that regard, i give my deepest respect...

    Keep up the excellent work bro!

  70. K-Qha salam kenal juga,

    Thank you for your kindly and supportive words, i'm glad that Gimphoto can be useful for image editing because i'm also coming from Photoshop world and can't find alternative that comfortable for use as Photoshop then i try to develop Gimphoto.

    Please spread word about Gimphoto to your friends and relatives especially about spirit of "legal-computing" so Indonesia software development can be rise and become big someday :)

  71. Please unsubscribe me.

  72. andrea olivotto,
    sorry but i don't understand, what do you mean?

  73. I receive an email at every post on this page. Unsubscribe link doesn't work.
    Thanks a lot!

  74. andrea olivotto,
    i've searched my blogger acc but can't find option to unsubscribe user from certain post, if you knew about it or have links/tutorial about it please tell me, i will help you to unsubscribe.
    i'm sorry for this inconvenience.

  75. I like the new design and I am looking forward to a new gimphoto version. I appreciate your engagement very much and I am glad that people like you do things like this since I have no programming skills!
    Sincerely, Chris

  76. Chris,
    Thanks for your kind and supportive words :)

  77. Great respect to your person and beliefs!
    Thank you so much for your work! Gimphoto (24.1, just found, *) is RIGHT THIS free Photoshop alternative I was always looking for, and THIS Gimp Blend that will make me using Gimp now!
    * (Known about Gimp many years before but never really used/felt enough familiar with it.)
    I feel familiar with Gimphoto! It knows the Buttons and Shortcuts and Menues I know! For example, save as (CTRL SHIFT S) let me save in every filetype, not need to "export" or learn a different shortcut. So I'm faster back if I can use a real Photoshop, thats good not to forget how to work in it! Fast View 100 % by pressing the known Shortcut CTRL ALT 0! Having the known menu command "Shadows & Highlights", I'm in love!!

    Also a huge Thank you from this side/site to all the creators of the plugins used for Gimphoto!
    As well not at least for the Gimp creators itself!

  78. Just forgot to compliment/praise how fast the "Move Tool" works compared to original Gimp!
    That's how it should be!

  79. Roland,
    Thanks for your kind and supportive words :)

    Glad you like Gimphoto and for your suggestions and bug reports, we try our best to fix the bugs and implement your suggestions but there are many limitations that we have such as our limited coding skills :D

  80. subhanallah... lagi nyari alternatif sotosop dan illustrator biar bisa kasih makan yg halal buat anak-istri, eh ketemu orang Indonesia... salam kenal pak...
    Udah coba berbagai free software kaya paint.net, krita, gimp, firealpaca, yg paling mending cuma gimp ama firealpaca yg laennya nge-lag parah, tapi ya itu masih ga se efisien n semampu sotosop (maklum dah harga emang ga boong ;P), sampe sekarang msh ngubek2 alternatif sotosop yg memadai... untuk pengganti illustrator skrg lg belajar pake inkscape... semoga gimphoto bisa mendekati sotosop...
    Oh iya saya baca di news, gimp sebentar lagi bakal keluarin versi baru yg ada fitur rotate view, moga2 ada versi gimphotonya untuk gimp versi terbaru...

    maju terus pak ekki, semoga panjang umur, sehat selalu dan makin berkah usahanya... saya coba dulu ya pak gimphotonya...
    salam dr jakarta...

  81. Daniyal Ibrahim,
    Salam kenal juga pak, terima kasih atas support nya.
    Memang Gimphoto masih menggunakan GIMP yg versi lama 2.4 jadi banyak fungsi2 baru dari GIMP versi terbaru yg belum masuk ke Gimphoto.

    Semoga Gimphoto bisa bermanfaat dan sesuai dg harapan, oya tolong bantuannya utk mengenalkan Gimphoto ke teman-teman yg memerlukan software alternatif pengganti Photoshop, terima kasih atas bantuannya, salam dari Surabaya :)


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