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After more than 7 years since 2008 using the same simple theme for Gimphoto website, now it's time to refresh the look of Gimphoto website with new more modern and stylish design.
The new design is also using responsive design so it can adapt with many different screen resolutions from desktop monitors to mobile gadgets.

Many old website functions already implemented and tested on this new website design but many more improvements will be done in this month. We hope this new website design can serves you better.

Enjoy :) 


I hope in this NEW year 2015 i can release Gimphoto NEW version
based on GIMP 2.8

After 1,5 year in the making, today Gimphoto 26.1 for OSX is released.
Code name for Gimphoto 26.1 is Wakatobi.
Gimphoto for OSX is only for Intel Mac and tested using Snow Leopard 32 bit and 64 bit.
This Gimphoto version is based on GIMP 2.6.8 for OSX from http://gimp.lisanet.de so it will need X11.

Modification is done at binary level and not compiled from source because i still failed after many attempts to create Gimphoto packages either using gtkosx native or using macports, but for next version i will try to compile it from source, develop the dmg package by myself and i also try to create Gimphoto Native without X11.

Usually i hosted file at Googlecode but Googlecode not support upload via FTP then i decided to use Sourceforge.net because SF support FTP upload that will help me to upload 70Mb using my slow Internet connection.

Enjoy the release and download it from Downloads Page
.*.*.*. Happy New Year 2011! .*.*.*. \(^_____^)/

Best wishes for all Gimphoto users!
I hope in this new year i can deliver Gimphoto for Mac and the NEXT version of Gimphoto based on GIMP 2.6.8.

I'm sorry, i can't deliver Gimphoto for Mac on 2010 like i promise.
Gimphoto for Mac menu modification is done and the additional script also already done but i have 2 BIG problems that stopped me to finishing Gimphoto for Mac.

The 2 problems is:

- The GIMP plugin can run well but Script-fu can't run with Gimphoto for Mac on my system, i think maybe there is a problem because Gimphoto compile system is for 64 bit system but it is running on 32 bit system, i will check it further.

- Create App bundling (DMG) under Mac is more difficult than i thought before, so my Gimphoto for Mac is running in my system but it is difficult to install it on other system because we need to compile everything (GTK) from source, i need learn more about this.

Soon i can create Mac stand-alone app bundle that included all needed files then i will release it in this site, so stay tune and wish me luck ;)
Many Gimphoto users for Linux asking about 64 bit version, but because i still don't have 64 bit system so there is no 64 bit package yet.

For temporary solution we can use and install 32 bit package under 64 bit Linux system using command:

sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i

But it has limitations, said Andy Hepburn:

"While this does work, there are 2 problems:
- The package won't show up in Synaptic
- It doesn't check whether ia32-libs is installed on the system. If you don't have ia32-libs, GimPhoto probably won't run."

To help other Gimphoto users, Andy Hepburn also prepare Gimphoto for Linux 64 bit Debian Package and this is Andy explanation about it:

"I see some folks are wanting to run GimPhoto on 64-bit Linux. So, I've re-packaged it in a new .DEB file, with the architecture set as "amd64". Because it's still the same 32-bit binaries and libraries, I've also added the dependency on "ia32-libs" - so it will play nicely with package managers such as Synaptic."

The package link is here:

Thank's Andy Hepburn! (^____^)=b
learn indonesian language in singapore
Because of economy crysis that happen all around the world, also affect to one of Gimphoto supporter - Indotutors.com - Learn Indonesian Language in Singapore.

After many years help Gimphoto to host files (Thanks Sally!), sadly last week its been shutdown, so many Gimphoto links is broken, such as: recent comments and download links.

I already move the files to alternative locations and fix the problems.
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