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Gimphoto is released using GPL, but where is the source code?
so many asked that question.

Until Gimphoto 1.0 and 1.4 there is no source code.

Gimphoto is GIMP Repackage NOT Recompilation, all modification is done at binary level.

Why? because when i tried to build Gimphoto, i still can't compile GIMP for Windows.
To compile GIMP under Windows is very hard specially for they are that not have good internet connection.
All tutorial is using old version, 2.3.10 and using script to automatically download all the files that needed and compile it, but i can't use it because my internet connection always up and down, so the script always stop in the middle of download process and failed to finished the compilation process.
(lately, at last i can manage to compile GIMP 2.4 under Windows, for later version i hope can modify GIMP at source code level so Gimphoto will also available under Linux and MacOS)

For clear this situation to all Gimphoto user, i will explain Gimphoto 1.0 and 1.4 modification process:

Gimphoto 1.4 modification is done at binary level so this why Gimphoto is only available under Windows.

  1. I download GIMP for Windows 2.3.19 (for Gimphoto 1.0) and GIMP for Windows 2.4 (for Gimphoto 1.4)
  2. I install GIMP for Windows.
  3. I modified file /Program Files/Gimp-2.4/share/gimp/2.0/menus/image-menu.xml to more like PS7 menu structure.
    (I learn the menu file format by trial and error, until now i still don't know many things about GIMP menu)
  4. I run GIMP to check if there is menu structure that is not like what i want and i trace it what is the problem.
  5. Main problem is the GIMP plugin menu location is hard coded inside the plugin so i must modify it to adjust plugin to the new menu location.
  6. I use HEX editor to edit the plugins binary (.exe) under /Program Files/Gimp-2.4/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/
    (I edit very carefully to maintain new menu location string is the same with old menu location or less)
    for example:
    channel_mixer.exe original located at /Colors/Component, i changed it to /Image/Colors.
    (if you count the character between 2 menu locations, the new menu location string is have less characters)
  7. I change around 35 plugins executable using HEX Editor (I use HxD, try it, it's great Free HEX Editor) to adjust new menu structure.
  8. For change the right-click menu, i must edit Gimp.exe with HEX Editor but don't worry i did it very carefully and testing it extensively ;)
    (for Gimphoto 1.0 that using GIMP 2.3.19, for whom that already using it, knew that GIMP 2.3.19 always display console window, i must use OllyDbg - disassembler to disabled it)
  9. After the main menu is adjusted like i want then i download additional plugins to included with Gimphoto.
  10. I download the plugins, install it and test is to make sure it works with GIMP.
  11. I check the menu location of the plugin, if not like what i want then i edit it with HEX Editor.
  12. Run GIMP again to test if the plugin menu location is ok and plugin is working under new menu location.
  13. If ok, then i pass to another plugin again (Gimphoto 1.4 packed with around 20 additional plugins and scripts)
  14. After all additional plugins installed and tested, then i preparing additional resources.
  15. I modify original brushset (for Gimphoto 1.0) and add additional brushset (for Gimphoto 1.4)
  16. I modify original gradient set (select only the good one) and add additional gradientset.
  17. I make splash screen.
  18. I replace GIMP splash screen and rename Gimp.exe to Gimphoto.exe
  19. I create installer using Free NSIS Script Installer Compiler.
  20. Testing the created installer under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  21. Release the package to http://www.gimphoto.com.

now you knew the reason why there is no source code for Gimphoto and why i'm not using Sourceforge.net to host Gimphoto.
I knew that my way is weird but i got what i want using this way, and i always search better way to make it ;)

When i looked at gimp source code, i amaze with the code complexity and the level of works that already done by GIMP dev team, so if you have time, download GIMP source code and looking into it, you will know that many people already working hard to bring GIMP to you, so help them to improve it :)



  1. Very nice Work, congratulation :)

  2. When will you have a build from modified source for win32?

    Thanks for the mod as is now, though. :)

    I use the portable, but it's not a "clean portable" as it creates files on the host machine outside of the unpack directory on execution :(

  3. Mee,
    Gimphoto already use modified source code since version 1.4.3, for download the Gimphoto source code goto DEV section at this site.

    for Portable version, i use X-Launcher for GIMP and i modify it for Gimphoto, i didn't know that it's not a "clean portable", thanks for your info, i will try other method for the next version :)


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