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I actually want to host Gimphoto files at Sourceforge, but as far as i know that sf.net is available for open source project. Gimphoto until now is repackage project so there is no source code to share, at last i decided not to host it at sf.net. I must search free file hosting on the net to host Gimphoto files.

My internet connection is bad and slow so i decide to split Gimphoto setup file to 6 different parts to reduce the lost connection risk in the middle of upload process. There is many free file hosting on the net, but we don't know which one is good and which one is bad. After try a many file hosting, i found a few reliable free file hosting with unlimited bandwidth and acceptable ads that not too annoying.

The good free file hosting is:
- Mooload.com (have 2 server to serve download)
- Bestsharing.com (have upload progress meter)
- Filecrunch.com

Tips to check free file hosting:

  • don't directly using it based on reviews but test it by yourself.

  • find small file to doing the test (like gpl.txt which around 17kb).

  • upload the file, when uploading you can test about upload speed, upload info, and upload facilities (web based or ftp).

  • after uploading, you will be get info about the link to the file.

  • klik that link to test the download page.

  • at download page you can see if there is annoying ads, waiting counter, waiting list, or anything else that will experienced by the downloader of your files.

  • last, klik link to download to test the speed of download, support of download accelerator (dap or flashget), support resume for broken download, etc.

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