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After long waiting with three different released candidate…at last GIMP 2.4 is released!
Congratulations to GIMP programmer team and Thank's for this great released!
There is many new features and the user interface is also redesigned more logically and more easy to use.
Here the improvement lists:

- Refreshed Look with new icon set and polished consistent look cross platform (Linux, Windows, MacOSX)
- Scalable Brushes and support Photoshop brush format (.ABR)
- Selection Tools is rewritten from scratch to allow resizing of existing selection.
- Foreground Select Tool to more easy image part selection.
- Align Tool for easier layer, path or guides alignment.
- Better menu structure and easy to understand menu name.
- Improved display for zooming in and out.
- Color Management and soft proofing.
- Improved printing for control all aspects and with immediate preview.
- New Crop Tool, Red Eye Removal, Perspective Clone and Lens Distortion.

GIMP also redesign their website, to look at new website go to http://next.gimp.org/
for more complete new features that GIMP 2.4 offers go to Gimp 2.4 Release Notes


  1. Are you updating GimPhoto with GIMP 2.4 any time in the upcoming days? I use GimPhoto 1.0 right now and am in love with its interface! I don't want the interface of the regular 2.4 and can't wait til your update! Thanks! I am really looking forward to it!

  2. Just thought you'd like to know that GIMP 2.4.1 (fixes most bugs in 2.4) was released today.

    From the site ---
    GIMP 2.4.1 Released 2007-10-31

    GIMP 2.4.1 is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.4 series. It fixes problems that were discovered after the 2.4.0 release. Please see the NEWS file for details.

    The source code can be downloaded from ftp.gimp.org. Binary packages are expected to become available over the next days. Please check the Downloads section.

  3. and today 2.4.2 is also available :)

    sorry but GimPhoto can't really match the Gimp update pace that very fast so next version still based on 2.4 and after that will using latest version that considered valid for long time.

  4. Are you need someone to help for uploading your project?

  5. Hello,
    i am trying to use GimPhoto with raw files, i have ufraw loaded. But GP will not view this type of image, as gimp does. Have i made an error, or will this be corrected ?

    Many thanks,

  6. Hi Steve :)
    afaik, when last time i tried ufraw, we must run ufraw first and open the raw files then choose edit from ufraw that ufraw will call GimPhoto to handle the image editing.

    maybe i should write tutorial about RAW workflow using FOSS someday :)

  7. Could not find an edit in ufraw ?

  8. steve,
    in the ufraw installation folder, find 2 files: liblcms-1-16-ufraw.dll and ufraw-gimp.exe.

    copy that 2 files to GimPhoto plugins directory, for example i install GimPhoto at C:\ then my plugins folder location is at:
    C:\Program Files\GimPhoto 1.4.3\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins

    Step to open RAW files:
    - Run GimPhoto
    - From menu > Files > Open...
    - Select .NEF files
    - Click OK
    - UFRAW will displayed (adjust brightness, etc if necessary)
    - Click OK
    - .NEF will be loaded in GimPhoto.

    but remember RAW using 16bit and GimPhoto is limited to 8bit then maybe there is image quality loss.

  9. sorry to be a pain but there is no ufraw installation folder, as it get put straight into gimp. I cant even find the two files with a search. Ufraw works though...

    Ps i use crw raw files from a cannon 5d

  10. steve,
    how you run ufraw? using Start > Programs > Ufraw?
    usually your ufraw installation folder is located at C:\Program Files\UFRaw
    except if you install at other drive such as: D:\

    if your RAW files is .CRW then open .CRW, i open .NEF because i use Nikon, this doesn't matter.


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