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for: Gimphoto 1.4
(this is obsolete now, use Gimpad 1.1)

Many asking about Always on Top feature for Gimphoto 1.4, i'm sorry there is no manual included with Gimphoto 1.4 about this matter.
Actually i already explained about it at Blender forum at this thread but i still not explained it on this site, because i thought that this feature will obsolete with Gimphoto Desktop that will handle everything for Gimphoto including make sure Always on Top for toolbox and panels, so i'm really sorry. But because long development of next version then i think that maybe Always on Top will benefit whom that still use Gimphoto 1.4 so now i will explain it...

This explaination i copy from Blender forum:

Always on Top feature is called Transient Windows, it's available at GIMP 2.3.19 under Menu Preferences but at GIMP 2.4 it's gone.
I believe it's because that feature is buggy under Win32 (try using it with more than one image opened) so the Gimp 2.4 developer decided to hide it until it fixed. Lately i heard that it already fixed but i don't know it will included with GIMP release or with GTK2 for windows release, must be ask to GIMP for Win32 developer team.

So i search better and stable alternative to replace it, i found Power Menu and included it with Gimphoto 1.4 to replace transient windows function better than nothing.
to use Power Menu:
- run Power Menu from Start > Programs > Gimphoto 1.4
- run Gimphoto 1.4
- at GIMP Toolbox window, klik icon beside title bar window, there is will show additional menu "Always on Top", select it.
- at GIMP Tool Options window, klik icon beside title bar window, there is will show additional menu "Always on Top", select it.
- now GIMP Toolbox and Tool options will always on top.

But if you still insist to use Transient Windows feature it still available, but you must set it manually, here the step to enable it:

- search folder Documents and Settings.
- goto folder username.computername, such as: user.winxp
- goto folder .gimp-2.4
- open file gimprc with Notepad.
- search this text and add this bold text.

(toolbox-window-hint keep-above)
(dock-window-hint keep-above)
(transient-docks yes)
(cursor-format bitmap)

- save file gimprc.
- run Gimphoto and voila! Transient Windows is enabled.

1 comment:

  1. It seems to me that "Stay on Bottom" is what we want.....

    Just like having any program the menus are always attached to the main program window...

    Gimps problems start with menus such as "Level Tool" or script input menus getting lost below the Gimp Docks or the Image window....

    Keep on top hides the Pop-Ups...

    Will Goss


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