Happy New Year 2011

.*.*.*. Happy New Year 2011! .*.*.*. \(^_____^)/

Best wishes for all Gimphoto users!
I hope in this new year i can deliver Gimphoto for Mac and the NEXT version of Gimphoto based on GIMP 2.6.8.

I'm sorry, i can't deliver Gimphoto for Mac on 2010 like i promise.
Gimphoto for Mac menu modification is done and the additional script also already done but i have 2 BIG problems that stopped me to finishing Gimphoto for Mac.

The 2 problems is:

- The GIMP plugin can run well but Script-fu can't run with Gimphoto for Mac on my system, i think maybe there is a problem because Gimphoto compile system is for 64 bit system but it is running on 32 bit system, i will check it further.

- Create App bundling (DMG) under Mac is more difficult than i thought before, so my Gimphoto for Mac is running in my system but it is difficult to install it on other system because we need to compile everything (GTK) from source, i need learn more about this.

Soon i can create Mac stand-alone app bundle that included all needed files then i will release it in this site, so stay tune and wish me luck ;)


Pranav 4/1/11 5:45 PM  

I think you should consider releasing quicker updates for Win-32 at least as that is where most users are IMHO.

zenith 5/1/11 9:32 PM  

Thanks for your suggestions but to create Gimphoto for Windows based on GIMP 2.6, that's not that simple because i need to create Win32 build environment that different than GIMP 2.4 that currently i've done for Gimphoto 1.4.3 and that will need more time.

Sorry but for now Gimphoto for Mac is my priority and meanwhile, Windows users can use Gimphoto 1.4.3 that still quite capable (btw, i still use it, everyday :)

Finntourist,  6/1/11 1:21 AM  

Maybe you can make Kritaphoto some day, it supports extensions: http://krita.org/

Anonymous,  11/1/11 3:29 AM  

Nice... thats Im waiting for so long... GimPhoto for Mac :) It would be nice when its working with Snow Leopard 64 Bit.

Anonymous,  11/1/11 3:32 AM  

It would be nice if you can give the toolbox Icons the same order like in Photoshop, or if I can customize the toolbox for myself :)

zenith 12/1/11 8:45 PM  

Thanks for your suggestion about Kritaphoto :)

sorry for 64 bit system because i don't have 64 bit system so i can only create for 32 bit system, i hope 32 bit package still usable under 64 bit system.

Thanks for your suggestion about toolbox icon order :)

me 23/1/11 12:00 PM  

please consider modifying source and releasing windows binaries instead of hacking windows binaries

would that not lead to faster releases as underlying versions are increased?

me 23/1/11 12:03 PM  

Please also consider bundling with G'MIC


especially with portable builds

me 23/1/11 12:04 PM  

and THANKS for all the fish

zenith 24/1/11 10:36 AM  

since Gimphoto 1.4.3, i already using GIMP 2.4.3 source to create Gimphoto.

for faster releases, please this post about it:

Thanks for your kind words :)

Dave S.,  24/6/11 11:03 PM  

I am wishing you all the best in getting the Mac OS X version released. I wish I knew how to help. If there is anything I can do, let me know

zenith 26/6/11 1:48 AM  

Dave S,
Thank you for your support :)

Sorry for delayed Gimphoto for Mac because i still busy with life and work.

I also busy building hackintosh for my desktop computer. I hope it will help me to develop Gimphoto for Mac because now i develop it using small netbook Dell Mini 10v that not so comfortable to work with :)

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