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GIMPHOTO 1.4.3 SOURCE CODE for Developers
GimPhoto is released under GNU GPL 2.0 then click link below for more information:
GimPhoto Developer Page

If you need older version of GimPhoto or want to know about GimPhoto release history then just follow this link:
GimPhoto 2008 Downloads Page
GimPhoto 2007 Downloads Page


Dimentional 30/9/07 1:48 AM  

wouldnt mind trying this out, but is there a linux version, yet?

Pete4r,  27/10/07 11:25 AM  

hi :)
thank for this software :)

you can use this link :

direct link i upload ^^

if u can, add this link like your mirror ^^

zenith 17/11/07 12:17 AM  

for linux version, i working on it, but linux is new platform for me, so i need time to learn howto create package installer under linux :)

thanks for the mirror, i will update my download lists :)

JiriH,  6/12/07 5:27 PM  

Hello, zenith, I have uploaded new GimPhoto 1.4 to Feel free to refer to this direct link


motorsep,  10/12/07 5:32 AM  

Is there any way to have an update done based on GIMP 2.4.2 ?

Jakob,  15/12/07 7:17 AM  

Are you releasing GimPhoto under GPL? I can't find any reference to the license.

zenith,  16/12/07 12:59 PM  

for better understanding read here:

Anonymous,  1/1/08 12:31 AM  

Could not open C:\Documents and Settings\HP_√Ągaren\.gimp-2.4\ for writing

Ingalill 1/1/08 12:34 AM  

I love this, this version is very fast but I get error on photoshop plugin?

Could not open C:\Documents and Settings\HP_√Ągaren\.gimp-2.4\ for writing

Anonymous,  4/5/08 3:17 AM  

Looks nice, I'm about to install it. I can't wait till this gets updated to GIMP 2.4.5.

Anonymous,  15/11/08 12:35 AM  

kutte k bache koi achi photoshop rakho na haram khor

zenith 15/11/08 3:39 PM  

sorry, but i only understand english or indonesian language :)

Derrick 19/11/08 2:16 AM  

This looks really neat, but I was wondering if there are any plans to release a version compatible with Mac OSX?

Anonymous,  15/12/08 3:17 AM  

I tried to install several times in ubuntu Intrepid but apparently it just doesn't. I can't find it with the console whether to run it or uninstall it. I didn't ask for password either. Would it be a problem whit my ubuntu edition?

zenith 15/12/08 7:27 PM  

i'm sorry but don't have Mac then i can't develop gimphoto for Mac :(

it appears that you already solve the problems :)

Ralph,  23/12/08 1:45 AM  

The download links don't work... can anyone tell me where I can download it?

zenith 24/12/08 3:23 PM  

thank's for the info.
i fixed the download link, now it hosted at GoogleCode, try to download it again :)

Anonymous,  17/1/09 8:48 PM  

it would be good to see a little better organized download page, especially now that there are two packages.

zenith 20/1/09 9:55 PM  

sorry for late responses, i tried my best to organize this download page with separate linux packages at different page, maybe you have better layout suggestions? thank's.

davydm 29/1/09 2:53 PM  

This is a form of horrid, cruel, and unusual punishment. GimPhoto is a WAY outdated version of GIMP, and GimPad parents ALL gtk applications. So tough luck if you wanted to, say, use pidgin or any other gtk application on windows. You existing gtk applications will all be "owned" by the mdi "parent" in gimpad, and will all die a horrible death when gimpad exits (they segfault. yay.)

zenith 30/1/09 11:50 AM  

thank's for your comment :)
yes, GimPhoto is using outdated version of GIMP but for now 2.4 is the most STABLE version of GIMP, for better understanding about GIMP 2.6 read this link:

if you have problem with GimPad, you can using GimPhoto without GimPad.

this GimPad error with other GTK applications is already known and will be fixed in the next version of GimPad.

Anonymous,  2/2/09 5:19 AM  

I am running Gimpad 1.1 without any problems. I am puzzled by the error message which suggests I should download the GIMP help files(displays whenever I press F1). I can't find a download for help files. Is there a help file download? I wouold like to have it(if it exists).

zenith 2/2/09 9:49 AM  

yes, gimp help files is not included with download because its size is very big (around 60Mb).
but you can download it from:

Gabe 25/3/09 11:01 PM  

Thanks for your quick reply.
Followed your instructions - now works like a charm!

zenith 31/3/09 11:08 AM  

Gabe, hanzahar,
i glad it works for you :)

chaminda 6/4/09 12:32 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Irunika 12/4/09 4:27 PM  

As a good one...

Yo Mama 16/4/09 4:00 AM  

Hello, and thanks for the great program! However, I have a suggestion; wouldn't it be be better if you integrated GimPad into GimPhoto itself, so the user could choose which interface to use from the main program itself? That would also consolidate the program into one single exe file, instead of having two versions.

zenith 19/4/09 9:56 PM  

Yo Mama,
sorry but that not possible because GimPad is different program than GimPhoto. GimPad is an external program that created to managed GimPhoto scattered window.

Riju 23/4/09 10:46 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Riju 23/4/09 10:47 AM  

Hi zenith, Yo Mama here. Thanks for the reply. I wanted to suggest a merge of the GimPhoto and GimPad programs, so that it becomes a single program, similar to GIMPshop. The option to use the SDI or MDI could be made available as an option from within the single program itself, couldn't it? That would also allow the user to switch modes easily without running GimPad separately again.
Also, another suggestion I have is regarding the version number of GimPhoto. Currently it is 1.4.3, based on GIMP 2.4.3. I would suggest using GIMP's version number for GimPhoto as well, that is 2.4.3. This would give a clearer idea of the GIMP version on which GimPhoto is based.
I hope you find these suggestions somewhat useful. Regards.

zenith 23/4/09 10:47 PM  

thank's for your suggestions.

Gimpshop using different technique to provide SDI and afaik it has many shortcomings (i also used Gimpshop before i create GimPhoto) Gimpshop is using GIMP plugin system called Deweirdifyer (i've tried all version of this plugin)

then i tried to use another ways to provide SDI for GIMP. i create GimPad as external program because:
- i don't need to learn GIMP plugin specific C source code and howto compile it under Windows (that time i still can't compile GIMP plugin) this will speedup my development time.
- Windows already provides capable Win32 API to control other program (that time GTK2 for Win32 still has much troubles to windowing management system, i hope that already fixed at latest version of GTK2 for Win32)
- GimPad is written using OS specific windowing system libraries and this will make GimPad possibilites to control GimPhoto is limitless, but this also make it takes much longer to develop it for Linux or MacOS because i must develop it from scratch.

for now GimPad still lacks from couple important feature such as drag and drop support (try drag .jpg from windows explorer and drop it to gimpad window) and file extension association (try to double click .xcf file from window explorer, it will open gimphoto rather than gimpad) then i decided to still gives gimphoto or gimpad menu option separately and left it to users to decide it which one is works better for them :)

for version number, the GIMP version used is reflected from GimPhoto minor number x.4.3, and the reason why i still used 1 as major version number, such as 1.4.3 that because GimPhoto is younger than its older brother GIMP that using 2.4.3 as its version number :)

Anonymous,  29/4/09 8:20 AM  

hello, would you consider making a portable version of this?

zenith 30/4/09 10:44 AM  

thank's for your suggestions, i will try to find the method to convert gimphoto become portable, after i find it then i will provide it.

Cris 7/5/09 5:06 PM  

Yeah, a portable version for Windows would be nice!

zenith 17/5/09 1:18 PM  

Thank's for your suggestions.
Now GimPhoto Portable version is available, just follow this link:

Anonymous,  8/6/09 8:25 PM  

can you please add downloadable tutorials

zenith 13/6/09 6:40 PM  

sorry for now, i'm still busy working on gimphoto and gimpad, maybe later if i can find more free time.

Anonymous,  18/6/09 12:42 PM  

Thanks zenith..! It looks really nice!

zenith 20/6/09 9:19 AM  

thanks for your kind words :)

Anonymous,  2/7/09 11:30 AM  

Excellent! thanks for working on this so hard and so long. Looking forward to the next update. Keep up the good work.

zenith 13/7/09 11:26 PM  

thanks for your kind words :)

Anonymous,  21/8/09 12:10 AM  

This program is pretty much Photoshop without the 600+ price tag.

I gotta say thanks man, this is awesome :) Keep up the good work.

Anonymous,  24/8/09 8:37 PM  


pjbw,  25/8/09 6:56 PM  

I do a lot of architectural photography but my essential Altostorm plugin does not work in Gimphoto 1.4.3. Thank you though for introducing me to the Virtual Photogapher plugin which works perfectly in my Paint Shop Pro 9.02.

zenith 27/8/09 9:25 AM  

currently not all Photoshop plugins is compatible with PSPI.

yes, Virtual Photographer is a great plugin, glad it works for you :)

esau 19/9/09 4:04 AM  

hello I do not speak English but I want to share with you this icon of gimphoto, in the style of photoshop cs4 I hope and it pleases to them it realises, it in gimphoto since my icon of gimp and gimphoto was equal I leave, it in imageshack so that wants that it unloads so large U.S. is of 512x512 attention(or attn): esau casarrubias villa

esau 19/9/09 4:46 AM  

icon gimphotocs4 ver.2

zenith 23/9/09 2:00 PM  

Thanks, for your icon suggestions but maybe for now i will stay with current icon.

ndesign 11/10/09 7:29 PM  

It's an excellent job!!
A free full photo editor...

a must have!!!

zenith 13/10/09 8:44 AM  

Thanks for your kind words and...
for free PDF to Word converter :)

Anonymous,  25/10/09 12:38 PM  

compiled for osx, yet?


Silversleeves 10/11/09 2:38 AM  

Just a few thoughts on that last question.

Most likely, you'll see it for X11 or DarwinPorts before you see it for vanilla (point-n-click after the Finder loads) OS X. Generally, it's easier for folks who can build Linux/Unix versions of their software to take the "path of least resistance": there are other means to build for Darwin/Apple X11 on other platforms, so this is usually the reason developers and software authors take this route. While OS X is a lot easier to program in (so say the experts) than "classic" or "legacy" Mac OS, in order to do a straight-on build to OS X, more often than not a Mac (with Developer Tools installed) is needed.


zenith 23/11/09 5:19 PM  

thank's :)

Anonymous,  24/4/10 12:13 AM  

Great application!

Anonymous,  4/7/10 10:40 PM  

Only see Tools and Help in GimPad. Where are all the PS-like menu items??? I installed GimPhoto for Windows first by running the .exe file, then GimPad after that. Any help would be appreciated!

Anonymous,  4/7/10 10:55 PM  

OK, answered my own question. Just opened a file to edit and the menus appear. Should have known that but am not a Photoshop user, so did not know. Thanks for the very nice smooth working menus! Using Vista Home Premium by the way.

Anonymous,  8/9/10 2:54 PM  

I have installed GimPhoto under Windows XP, but the installation process has destroyed my PATH variable. After the installation, I found there only two paths to the GimPhoto folder.
Please fix this error.

zenith 10/9/10 10:35 PM  

I already testing GimPhoto installer using Windows XP SP2 and it's doing fine, my PATH vars is still exist with additional 2 new PATH for GimPhoto folders.

I'm sorry but i really don't know why the error happened because i only using standard function to ADD PATH vars using NSIS Installer.

andyhep,  24/12/10 10:03 PM  

Hey, Zenith,

I see some folks are wanting to run GimPhoto on 64-bit Linux. So, I've re-packaged it in a new .DEB file, with the architecture set as "amd64". Because it's still the same 32-bit binaries and libraries, I've also added the dependency on "ia32-libs" - so it will play nicely with package managers such as Synaptic.

Here's the link:



andyhep,  24/12/10 11:31 PM  

Just one other note about the new 64-bit Linux package...

I saw that on you put instructions about using:

sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i

... to install the 32-bit package. While this does work, there are 2 problems:

* The package won't show up in Synaptec
* It doesn't check whether ia32-libs is installed on the system. If you don't have ia32-libs, GimPhoto probably won't run.

Using the new 64-bit .DEB package solves both of these.



zenith 25/12/10 10:05 AM  

Thank you very much! for Gimphoto Linux 64bit DEB Package.
Great Job! (^____^)=b

I will host the file at GoogleCode so i hope the download not burden your hosting.

I sure this will benefit for Gimphoto Linux users that have 64bit system, Thanks!

Anonymous,  5/3/11 4:31 PM  

Thank you very much :) You're awesome!

Anonymous,  7/5/11 8:46 PM  

So incredibly gorgeous, I can't believe it's free. Thank you so much for this!!!

Anonymous,  12/5/11 8:55 PM  

waiting for an new version

Anonymous,  11/6/11 3:31 AM  

great idea and development, keep it up

HaryArt 9/9/11 1:07 PM  

free photo editing software, best for our graphic designers

Hans Wilkinson 15/7/12 6:38 AM  

Someone sent me link to look at photos but said I needed to download GIMP. I did, but won't let me look at pictures on site still. Plug-in issue?

zenith 16/7/12 10:04 AM  

Hans Wilkinson,
i'm sorry but this is not GIMP site, maybe you can ask about GIMP at :)

Anonymous,  22/3/14 1:00 AM  

Can we have an OSX version for Mavericks? Gimpshop looked promising too, but does not work on OSX anymore.

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