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I got many difficulties to be able to compile Gimphoto under Linux, this happen may be because Linux is a new development platform for me, but until now i still can't create development environment for compile Gimphoto under Linux.

This many troubles that i got, such as:

- for internet connection i use DKU5 Nokia cable data, and no driver for this on Linux.

- apt-get depend too much to internet connection, so for country with slow and not reliable connection like Indonesia, this is disaster (>.<") and gdebi didn't resolve depedencies hell.

- once i accidentally make my GNOME not usable because install GTK+ library that require to compile Gimphoto but not compatible with GTK+ library that used by GNOME, this weird...(imo Linux Dependencies hell is hellish than Windows DLL hell...i hope somebody is working on it to find better solution for this much trouble)

- last try, i order 5 dvd repository for Ubuntu 7.10 (i use Linux Mint 4.0 that compatible with Ubuntu 7.10 repo) and dvd no. #4 is unreadable (O.o*)... $#!+... so once again i failed to compile Gimphoto...sorry...

So i decided to release the Gimphoto 1.4.3 source code, rather than waiting any longer for me to be able to compile Gimphoto under Linux, maybe somebody can help me to build and make Gimphoto binary installation under Linux.

Actually i want to create special section for "SOURCE CODE" at this site, but for now all information about source code release will be post on this page.

Because my internet connection is not so reliable then as usual i split 20Mb source code file to 5 parts, that can be joined later to create .tar.bz2 package.

Download directly Gimphoto 1.4.3 source code from Google Code:
GimPhoto 1.4.3 Source - Part 1
GimPhoto 1.4.3 Source - Part 2
GimPhoto 1.4.3 Source - Part 3
GimPhoto 1.4.3 Source - Part 4
GimPhoto 1.4.3 Source - Part 5

To Combine Files, use HJSplit, cross platform splitter at: http://freebyte.com/hjsplit/
If you prefer command line, then use lxSplit, download at: http://lxsplit.sourceforge.net/

I ask for help to compile this source code under Linux or MacOS X.
Later i will add instructions about additional plugin, brushes, and gradients that must be added because many resources is still need to be modified at binary level.

Thank's newt for remind me... (^___^)v


  1. i can't help to compile,but maybe i may suggest how to avoid library conflicts.

    i recently installed on Ubuntu Heron gimp 2.5 that has library incompatible with 2.4.5, that i have on the same partition

    Trick was simply to create a new directory in a different prefix ( i used "opt" and compile and build there everything needed.

    But as i said i'm not good to compile ...that was successful also thank to a guy that posted on the Ubuntu forum all the command to do it ready for copy and paste in the terminal.

    But anyway that principle (to avoid conflict install in a different prefix then the other SW, "opt" seems a good choice) may help.

  2. - Are you sure? Have you tried on Linux Mint, which supports virtually all drivers?

    - It's not apt-get. Any program needs the libraries. You download the packages manually, but... that doesn't really make sense...

    - Are you using an older GTK library for GimPhoto?

  3. photocomix,
    thank's for the tips.

    - i use Linux Mint 4.0
    - yes, i knew that every program uses library files but the problem is the dependencies, if using apt-get then apt-get will handle that dependencies (if not exist then they will download it) but how if we not connected with internet?
    - gimp 2.4.3 require glib 2.12.3 but linux mint 4.0 using glib 2.14.1, i don't know how to change glib that compiled with gimp :(

  4. [quote]gimp 2.4.3 require glib 2.12.3 but linux mint 4.0 using glib 2.14.1, i don't know how to change glib that compiled with gimp :([/quote]

    Putting everything in a new directory in "opt" and compiling there should avoid problems

    Sure you will waste some space on your HD (you will get duplicates also for the library that are compatible)but should be not other problem.

    Anyway i will suggest to contact the Ubuntu forum asking help for compiling
    i'm sure there you will found somebody much more competent then me willing to help

  5. BTW
    if you install "checkinstall" and when building instead then "make install" you will type "checkinstall" you will get as extra bonus also a ubuntu packadge, with good chance that will works on other computer out of the box.

    Official packages have much more requirement, but again that simple process works well most of the times.

    and may work also to create packages for other distro

    then you will just need someone willing to test them

  6. hehehe... thank's for your suggestions, i really must learn about many different linux packages a lot but actually i consider to using installjammer.com

  7. Why on earth do you split the source?

    I can only think you are trying to discourage people from compiling from source on their own, and you've made me suspicious.

  8. Anonymous,
    i'm really sorry but i don't want to discourage people to compile GimPhoto. I split the source because my internet connection is not so realiable to upload big 20Mb in one step, i only be able to upload about 5-6Mb for each uploading process, beyond that size will failed.

    i will tried to find help from my friends that have more reliable connection for helping me to upload GimPhoto single source package and i also will develop better developer section with more detailed steps to compile GimPhoto :)


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