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Gimpad is formerly known as Gimphoto Desktop.

Gimpad is rewritten from scratch to use different and better approach to integrate Gimphoto's scattered windows and also improve it's adaptation with Gimphoto window behaviors.

Gimpad 1.1 changes over Gimphoto Desktop 1.0 is:

- BETTER ToolBox and Tool Panel "Always on Top" behavior (NEW)
- Arrange New Panel Layout or Resize Panel directly as usual (NEW)
- SMALL Memory usage, around 5Mb - 6Mb (NEW)
- DRAG and DROP is Fully Functional (NEW)
- STABLE and FAST Performace (NEW)
- NO Memory Leaks anymore (BUG FIX)
- NO Panel slide up or slide down (BUG FIX)

Gimpad 1.1 is tested under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
It's looks like Gimpad 1.1 is not compatible with Windows Vista (one user reported can not exit when using Gimpad 1.1 under Vista)

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  1. Hi

    I have a problem with GimPad 1.1: I can't quit from that under Windows Vista Business Edition.

  2. sorry, i don't have Vista so GimPad only tested under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Vista changes a lot of WinAPI and GimPad depends a lot on WinAPI.

  3. This is the greatest photoshop alternative software. Thanks

  4. I've a problem: when i start Gimpad, i get the error "failed to run gimphoto" (yes, gimphoto, not gimpad).

    I just installed Gimp, and executed it. Then i quit, installed Gimppad and the error show up. Does Gimppad need some variables? How can i debug?

  5. Failed to looad GimPad....
    not so great.

    running XP

  6. Richard,
    what error you got? Already install GimPhoto? try to run GimPhoto without GimPad, is GimPhoto running? GimPad only working with GimPhoto.

  7. I have the same bug. I have found no other solution than kill the gimpad processus

  8. Anonymous,
    please be more specific about the bugs that happened to you so i can fix it, thank you.

  9. Hi zenith!
    I checked GimPad 1.1 on Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 and got same problem as previously reported - does not quit. Not sure it is important now...

  10. A bit more on this problem:
    gimpad.exe still working after pressing close button on window (consuming 50% of cpu, I have dual core CPU so it looks like process' using 100% of one core). Menu of window is still accessible and responding (just opened About dialog). Also excessive cpu usage was seen just after application start, BEFORE I tried to close window.

    If somebody is wanting (and able) to fix this I can provide more details - mail me ikhavkin <_A_> gmail <_D0T_> com

  11. Anonymous,
    sorry but for now i can't support Vista because i don't have Vista, thank's for your info.

  12. Anonymous,
    try to exit using menu, i will contact you for better info about the bugs, thank's.

  13. I'm also having the problem of closing GimPad - XPSP2. Followed your instructions for installation.

  14. PS: Just want to say how much I appreciate your work on Gimphoto - it's great for photo editing, which is all I'm really interested in, and seems to process much faster than Gimp (not knocking Gimp, just saying...).

  15. Gabe,
    for your problems with GimPad, there is 3 possibilities that cause the troubles:

    1. GimPhoto and GimPad CAN NOT be installed side-by-side with GIMP.

    2. There is old GIMP preferences that still exists on your computer (even uninstall GIMP will not remove this preferences) so we must remove it manually, follow this instructions:
    for 2K/XP users
    - please check under C:\Documents and Settings\(Your_User_Name)\
    - DELETE or RENAME folder .gimp-2.4 or .gimp-2.2
    for Vista users
    - please check it under C:\Users\(Your_User_Name)\
    - DELETE or RENAME folder .gimp-2.4 or .gimp-2.2
    (mostly error happened because of this)

    3. GimPad will into much trouble if "Transients Windows" feature is ON (this a "Always on Top" feature that usually used by GIMP), so DISABLED it because GimPad that will take care "Always on Top feature".

  16. Great program(s)! Works really well. Thanks!

  17. This looks like a nice program but I do not want to completely uinstall theGimp just so I can have a photoshop look a like.

  18. Anonymous,
    Thanks for your kind words :)

    if you want to keep your GIMP then try GimPhoto Portable that can installed side-by-side with GIMP 2.4 (GimPhoto can be installed side-by-side with GIMP 2.6)

  19. Another program that doesn't work under Vista, I stopped using Gimp because you can't minimise it.

  20. Jason Saggers,
    maybe you can be more specific about your GimPhoto/GimPad error under Vista? because one of GimPhoto user, Igor Khavkin can use it under Vista without problem.

  21. I can't be 100% sure but the plugins always use to lock up, stop responding etc.
    I use Windows 7 now and paint does everything I need so i am happy with that.
    When the plugins stopped responding when you went to launch the gimp application it use to takes quiet some time to close it all down.

  22. Jason Saggers,
    i already tested Gimphoto with Gimpad using Windows 7 without any problems.
    the most common problems is the old GIMP settings that remain on user settings folder even after uninstalling GIMP and also Vista/Win7 UAC.

    if sometimes you need Gimphoto, i suggest you try Gimphoto Portable.

  23. I'm using GimPad now, thank you for your hard work. :-)


  24. The Mighty,
    Thanks for your kind words :)


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